Travel Industry Management Reporting

Travel Industry Management Reporting

SolveXia is a technology provider offering powerful and versatile process automation software. Our solution is favoured by travel groups that wish to improve the efficiency, control and visibility of their business processes. The SolveXia service delivers a combination of the following benefits:

  • Produce reports with the information you require, in the form you require it.
  • Produce the reports automatically, as frequently as required, without the need for manual work each time they are produced.
  • Knowledge and ability to optimise revenues and negotiate with airlines, hotels and other suppliers and understand the impacts to their business.
  • Create customised processes rapidly and cost-effectively, without requiring IT staff. Replace current manual, error-prone reporting processes.
  • A full audit trail which provides easy access to historical financial information thereby cutting audit costs and increasing management control.
  • Eliminate key-person dependency my transferring the knowledge of your reporting processes from individuals to the business.

Challenges facing travel groups

  • Travel agencies are at a disadvantage when dealing with airlines. They cannot accurately check revenue figures and hence commissions paid by the airlines.
  • Due to the tiered nature of some commission structures they may miss out on a higher tier of commissions by a small amount of revenue which is only discovered when it is too late. This makes it difficult for travel groups to maximise their commission income.
  • Agencies often have multiple sources and formats of information such as IATA HOT files, GDS and booking system data, hotel bookings, car hire, etc. Bringing this information together in a meaningful way and on a regular basis is very time-consuming and expensive.
  • Preparation of reports for the Board, Management or members of travel groups is tedious, error-prone and time-consuming.
  • Inability to reconcile information from various systems; and
  • The difficulty in quantifying the bottom-line impact of prospective changes to the business, whether due to changing commission arrangements, taking on additional agents or agencies or natural events such as volcanic ash clouds.

How SolveXia helps

SolveXia addresses these issues by providing a system that allows users to use or create their own reports in Excel and automates the steps required to update the information in the reports as frequently as required. The processes takes data in almost any format, including IATA HOT files, GDS systems, administration systems and accounting systems and adds this to databases in the SolveXia system. Data from these databases is then used to automatically populate the user’s reports. The process to do this can be set up by users themselves who require the same skills as those required to build an Excel spreadsheet.

SolveXia also has templates that can be used as a guide to building custom reporting processes. For airline information, these reports show a complete picture of revenues and commissions split across agency, ticketed or flown month and year, destinations or city pairs, cabin and/or other categories. In addition, forecasting has been incorporated into the analysis to provide an indication as to how the business is expected to perform over a future period such as the remainder of the financial year. The system can be set to automatically access new information provided weekly in IATA HOT files, run it through the process and automatically produce and distribute up-to-date reports. You can also use your own dimensions and calculations in the reports and databases.

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to the questions you might have about this solution

  1. Can it be customised to my business? Yes. We can provide you with a pre-prepared solution that gets you up and running fast, and then modify it from there.
  2. Can I customise it myself or do I have to get SolveXia to do it? Yes you can do it yourself, and yes, we can help you if would like some assistance.
  3. How long does it take to set up? We can have you up and running with 3-5 business days.
  4. Can you work with my IATA data files? Yes, our technology works with all IATA files.
  5. How do I get more information? Please email us on or call our offices on 61-2-9386-0202

Samples of the reports

The report below uses raw IATA file data to help management teams understand exactly what their revenue by airline is, and compares actual figures to targets.

The report below is an example of how raw IATA data is used to show revenue growth for an agency, and how this can be overlaid with forecasts to project what the “end of year” results will be.

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