How does a CFO ensure that the requesting and the approval of bank transfers are being done correctly and ethically? What can the head of customer support do to enforce best practice in delivering a fantastic experience to customers?

Data Volumes

Workflow and approvals look to answer the question of how we create “rules” and then help our people to follow those rules while balancing integrity with the speed and ease with which they can get on with their work.

No two organisations are ever the same when it comes to workflow. It is heavily influenced by your product or service, corporate culture and organisational chart. Perhaps this is why so many organisations still revert to manual, paper or email based systems for the requesting, review and approval of workflow:

Manual Integration

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Staff face significant confusion in determining which manager to direct their request to while at the same time, these requests start to pile up in manager’s in-boxes leading to frustration for customers, suppliers, business partners and staff.

In addition, there is often limited accountability around the chain of authorisation (i.e. who is responsible for what) and no real audit trail of a request as it is raised, reviewed and approved.
Creating the “rules” is the easy part, anyone can do that. The gap however, seems to be in the implementation of those “rules” without the need for tedious and inefficient processes to support it.

How we help

We believe, given the right tools, people can configure their workflow to do exactly what they need without the need for manual workarounds and reams of paper.

SolveXia allows you to take your workflow and transform it to an automated process to collect and route requests throughout the organisation your way, facilitate the review and approvals of those requests (including over smart phones and tablets) and produce on-demand analytics and management information using the data collected from each request and approval.

Coupled with our library of “Robots” to manipulate data, SolveXia can be configured to distribute emails, mail merges and SMSs throughout your workflow. Most important however, is what we call “email confirmation”. A single step which can be dropped at any point in your process and configured to contact an approver of a request, collect their feedback and then dictate what happens next in the process.

Manual Integration

The flexibility through being able to arrange the robots in any order combined with the consistency and integrity of having a locked down process for your workflow is what really sets SolveXia apart – you usually get one or the other, rarely both.

Those raising and initiating workflow (such as requesting a fund transfer) can have immediate piece of mind that their request will be routed correctly and consistently and will be actioned as necessary. In the meantime, the organisation benefits by ensuring the integrity of work flows, designed to promote good practice and benefit customers.

Some examples include:

  • General Insurer – Workflow solution to enable the submission, authorisation and tracking of payment requests across the organisation. Resulted in the replacement of a high-risk paper bsed system with a secure and auditable workflow solution that is fully customised for the organisations unique business rules

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