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Process automation enables CFOs and Financial Controllers to increase the speed and accuracy of their team’s work, while freeing up staff to spend more time on higher-value tasks. By automating manual and recurring processes, staff can allocate more time to creating and communicating insights through integrated business analytics attached to these processes. They can then develop forecasts and conduct “what if” analysis on key business variables. This results in a transformation of the finance department from an administrative function to a point of leadership within the organisation. Read more …


CEOs and business owners can achieve increased profitability, market differentiation and enhanced shareholder value through process automation. By automating key processes, CEOs change the operations “DNA” of their organisations. Like DNA, the finer details are not visible; however the impact is felt throughout the business. A business that has automated its core processes can achieve greater scalability without increasing labour costs. Decisions are made on data that is timelier and free of manual errors. The additional information and level of service provided also acts as a powerful differentiator. Further, compliance and audit requirements are easier to satisfy, while also making sure that important intellectual property about how the business operates is retained by the business, and not locked in an individual’s head. The modern CEO recognises that these positive traits are an expression of a business that has process automation in its DNA. Read more …


Achieving operational excellence is a key goal for any COO. Organisations pursuing operational excellence value predictable, reliable, resilient and repeatable execution of processes. Process automation helps the COO create and run business systems that have these traits, and leads to improved productivity and reliability of the operations team, while at the same time reducing organisational risk. Read more…


Through the SolveXia model, CIOs and IT managers gain the ability to deliver world class solutions to their organisations faster and at a lower cost that the traditional in-house development projects or enterprise software purchases. By using the SolveXia platform-as-a-service upon which business specific solutions are delivered, the IT organisation can focus its resources and skills on translating business needs and strategy into technology solutions. As a PaaS solution, the IT organisation will be able to assemble solutions within aggressive time and cost constraints, while at the same time elevating the role of IT personnel to being the orchestrators and facilitators of solution delivery as opposed to the providers of low level development services. Read more…


With more pressure than ever on CROs to mitigate risk across human, financial and operational domains, business process automation allows you to increase the accountability, control and transparency of your business processes while meeting regulatory requirements. Read more…


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