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CEOs and Business Owners

CEOs and business owners can achieve increased profitability, market differentiation and enhanced shareholder value through process automation. By automating key processes, CEOs change the operations “DNA” of their organisations. Like DNA, the finer details are not visible; however the impact is felt throughout the business. A business that has automated its core processes can achieve greater scalability without increasing labour costs. Decisions are made on data that is timelier and free of manual errors. The additional information and level of service provided also acts as a powerful differentiator. Further, compliance and audit requirements are easier to satisfy, while also making sure that important intellectual property about how the business operates is retained by the business, and not locked in an individual’s head. The modern CEO recognises that these positive traits are an expression of a business that has process automation in its DNA.

Top 5 challenges facing today’s CEO and Business Owner

  • Cash flow generation and sustaining healthy profit margins
  • Data integrity and the ability to make earnings forecasts and critical business decisions
  • Sustainable business performance and longevity while mitigating risks
  • Achieving market differentiation and customer loyalty in a hypercompetitive market
  • Navigating a clear path through uncertainty including a changing regulatory environment

How we help CEOs and Business Owners meet their challenges head-on

More effective and efficient processes across a company’s entire operations can be achieved through automation. Process automation often requires an entire rethink of processes resulting in a more efficient design layout and therefore output. When key business processes such as customer reporting, profitability analysis and forecasting are executed and managed in a fraction of the time it takes when done manually, there are a number of key business benefits for you as a CEO or business owner. The SolveXia service helps CEOs and business owners in the following ways:

  • Better decision making.  Automated processes allow critical business information to be reported more often, enabling business leaders to make better, faster decisions. Existing reports can now be delivered more frequently, and new reports can be developed at a lower cost, and allows greater volumes of information to be included in the analysis.
  • Improved productivity. By automating processes individuals can work more efficiently and can take on new or additional workloads. Process automation allows teams to rise to the challenge of being asked to do more with less.
  • Shorter cycle times. Time is money. By automating processes, consistency is assured, and cycle times to complete the process are shortened. Getting products or services to the end user or to market quicker at the right price can lead to financial benefits and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Happy customers are repeat customers. Customers are more satisfied when they receive timely, high quality products and services. Process automation enables you to build consistency into your products and services, facilitate continuous improvement and get the product or service to your customer faster. If your business provides information to clients – automated processing can directly improve customer satisfaction by delivering accurate and comprehensive information more frequently.
  • Reduced costs and improved profits. All of the above benefits result in direct bottom-line results of reduced costs, ability to take on more work and improved profitability. All things any company is seeking.

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