CFOs and Financial Controllers

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CFOs and Financial Controllers

Process automation enables CFOs and Financial Controllers to increase the speed and accuracy of their team’s work, while freeing up staff to spend more time on higher-value tasks. By automating manual and recurring processes, staff can allocate more time to creating and communicating insights through integrated business analytics attached to these processes. They can then develop forecasts and conduct “what if” analysis on key business variables. This results in a transformation of the finance department from an administrative function to a point of leadership within the organisation.

Top 5 challenges facing today’s CFO and Financial Controller

  • Pressures to control costs and boost profitability in a tough business climate
  • Need to report timely information to the board for critical business decision making
  • Requirements for accurate forecasting and need to get the numbers right with no room for error
  • Ability to retain and motivate employees by allowing them to exercise greater professional skill
  • Competitive demands for increased efficiency and effectiveness of the finance department

How we help CFOs and Financial Controllers meet their challenges head-on

Reducing the time it takes to process key financial data is an easy-to-implement and cost effective solution for any CFO or financial controller to meet their current challenges. When key financial processes such as company or divisional results, board reporting and what-if analysis can be processed in a fraction of the time it takes when done manually, you experience a number of key business benefits. The SolveXia service helps CFOs and Financial Controllers in the following ways:

  • Making staff more productive. Simplifying and then automating repetitive tasks allows processes to run more quickly and predictably. Valuable skills can be deployed to higher value-add activities including more detailed analysis.
  • Greater confidence and consistency in results. Automated processes remove the scope for the manual data processing errors, while making the steps conducted in the process more consistent, transparent and visible for everyone. This leads to greater confidence in the process, and the consistency in published and interim results.
  • Tighter control of costs. Streamlining and automating repetitive processes allows the same number of staff to process a greater volume of work, while simultaneously reducing time spent on rework due to manual errors.
  • Create a more scalable business. By automating critical business processes, as business volumes grow you do not need to continue hiring additional staff in an almost ‘linear’ fashion – allowing a greater volume of business to be processed “per headcount”.
  • Improved auditability of results. Because automated processes within SolveXia’s environment provide a detailed and unalterable audit trail of who changed what and when, an organisation’s ability to meet compliance and control quality benchmarks is significantly improved.

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