CIOs and IT Managers

Solvexia Help CIOs & IT Managers

CIOs and IT Managers

Through the SolveXia model, CIOs and IT managers gain the ability to deliver world class solutions to their organisations faster and at a lower cost that the traditional in-house development projects or enterprise software purchases. By using the SolveXia platform-as-a-service upon which business specific solutions are delivered, the IT organisation can focus its resources and skills on translating business needs and strategy into technology solutions. As a PaaS solution, the IT organisation will be able to assemble solutions within aggressive time and cost constraints, while at the same time elevating the role of IT personnel to being the orchestrators and facilitators of solution delivery as opposed to the providers of low level development services.

Top 5 challenges facing today’s CIOs and IT Managers

  • Significant budgetary restraints impacting IT resources while maintaining the pressure to still deliver effective platforms
  • Close alignment between corporate strategy, the organisation and IT systems and platforms
  • Demonstrating ROI from technology investments but with reduced staff
  • Lack of knowledge and experience in the team
  • The rapidly changing pace of technology, the regulatory environment and legal issues

How we help CIOs and IT Managers meet their challenges head-on

Many companies still regard IT as a cost centre, but for CIOs trying to help transform a business, budget restraints can prevent them achieving their goals. CIOs as individuals need to be strong in selling their ideas and strategies to all stakeholders and have the ability to create strong business cases for any technology investment.

The SolveXia service helps CIOs and IT Managers in the following ways:

  • Provides solutions to the business faster and at lower cost. As a hosted service, SolveXia does not require any upfront investment in hardware, software or lengthy development projects before getting a solution in place. By using SolveXia as one of many “ingredient technologies” with which the IT organisation assembles solutions, the business clients receive improved delivery times and costs.
  • Supports incremental investment and evaluation. IT management can create and deploy small scale solutions to business challenges in a matter of a week or two, and then only scale upward and outward if the initial solution proved itself. By supporting the implementation of small incremental steps, risks and costs can be managed more easily and more accurately than through traditional means.
  • Higher productivity gains.  With the SolveXia service, processes are configured using a graphical interface in a web browser. Processes can be rapidly built, tested and deployed in this environment – without the need for complex development and testing environments, product customisations or code-cutting. This makes creating solutions in the SolveXia environment a more productive proposition as compared to the traditional approach of automating business processes such as custom software development, writing complex macro’s or customising an infrastructure product like BizTalk Server.

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