COOs and Operations Managers

Solvexia help COOs & Operation Mangers

COOs and Operations Managers

Achieving operational excellence is a key goal for any COO. Organisations pursuing operational excellence value predictable, reliable, resilient and repeatable execution of processes. Process automation helps the COO create and run business systems that have these traits, and leads to improved productivity and reliability of the operations team, while at the same time reducing organisational risk.

Top 5 challenges facing today’s COOs and Operations Managers

  • Pressure to control costs and boost operational efficiency at the same time
  • Implementing change management and effectively achieving behavioural change
  • Sustainable business growth through sound financial and operational plans
  • Improved productivity through better management practices
  • Talent management and retention

How we help COOs and Operations Managers meet their challenges head-on

Process efficiency and automation is a key pillar of operational excellence. When operations run more efficiently due to faster processes and better deployment of people to more value-adding tasks, there are a range of business benefits for you as a COO or Operations Manager.

The SolveXia service helps COOs and Operations Managers in the following ways:

  • Better control of costs. By automating processes, the need for rework as a result of human errors is significantly reduced, resulting in savings to the bottom line.
  • Ability to quickly implement change. Process automation provides you access to reliable and consistent information that enables you to recognise the need for change or improvement quickly and then make that change and put it into effect in a faster and more controlled manner than you could with a manual process.
  • Consistent process implementation. Consistency comes from having a documented process that is understood and followed every time. Process automation makes the process easy to understand and enforces adherence to the process steps. This eliminates missed steps often found in manual processes, resulting in consistent, reliable measures that assist in making decisions and implementing improvements.
  • Access to more accurate operational data. Our holistic model and approach to service provides you with the advanced interpretation of the critical business data needed to run your operations more effectively along with the ability to access the detail quickly anytime.
  • Increase end-to-end operational efficiency. Many processes span systems, departments or even external business partners. Manual effort, poor hand-offs between departments or partners and the general inability to monitor overall progress results is a significant waste for most processes impacting operational efficiency. Process automation eliminates or significantly reduces these problems with a  reduction in labour hours, time span and increased throughput.

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