CROs and Risk Managers

SolveXia Help CROs & Risk Managers

CROs and Risk Managers

With more pressure than ever on CROs to mitigate risk across human, financial and operational domains, business process automation allows you to increase the accountability, control and transparency of your business processes while meeting regulatory requirements.

 Top 5 challenges facing today’s CROs and Risk Manager

  • Reducing the cost of risk management and compliance
  • Aligning risk management strategy with overall business strategy
  • Responding quickly to changes in the regulatory environment
  • Communicating risk and compliance issues that engages the organisation
  • Embedding an organisational culture that actively measures and mitigates risk

How we help CROs and Risks Managers meet their challenges head-on

Process compliance, regulatory compliance and corporate governance continue to increase in importance and, unfortunately, cost. Organisations need to demonstrate consistency and show that effective controls are in place to ensure processes are sound and will provide financial accountability, visibility, and reduce operational risk and fraud.

By automating processes that are usually manually implemented, CROs and Risk Managers experience a range of business benefits.

The SolveXia service helps them in the following ways:

  • It provides a simple cost effective way to reduce the cost of compliance. By providing organisations with a way to automate processes that has auditability and access controls built in, as the organisation improves productivity by automation, they will simultaneously be moving to a way of doing business in which it is much easier to demonstrate compliance.
  • It provides a rapidly adaptable platform. As a graphically based tool that does not require an IT project to setup or change, the subject matter experts for a process are in control of implementing changes to the process – and can do so quickly and easily. This makes responding to changes in the regulatory and compliance obligations faster to achieve and at a much lower cost.
  • It changes team and organisational culture for the better. Every aspect of a business process that is run using SolveXia is measured, documented and recorded for subsequent review. This allows processes to be discussed, shared, reviewed and, crucially – improved – as more people can apply their expertise. It removes the “black box” nature of these processes. This transparency changes the culture within an organisation about how critical business processes are managed and maintained towards a culture that is more consistent with a healthy and sustainable compliance culture.

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