Faster, in every sense of the word.

Users configure (not build or code) automated solutions using a library of data manipulation robots that can collect, crunch, calculate and validate your data to produce the information you need often 7 to 10 times faster than the manual process.

Configuration instead of building means that analysts and SMEs can create solutions in a fraction of the time taken by traditional coding methods such as VBA.


Your processes done your way. Every time.

Once you configure your process in SolveXia, you can be sure that the robots will consistently do the work each time they are asked – they don’t get tired, bored or forget, they simply keep doing exactly what has been asked of them.

This means that you can have the upmost confidence that the information produced has been done so to “spec”, following the exact procedure that is expected, and with no human errors.


A history of everything to do with your process.

From the beginning, SolveXia automatically documents everything to do with your process. Every step in your “virtual production line” is recorded in meticulous detail and is readily accessible via printable documentation for regulators, auditors and new staff. Even better, the documentation changes with your process – so you can be sure that you are always up to date.

Every action by users is also recorded and can be reported on including changes to a process and any files – with the ability to go back to older versions.


The power to do more without hiring more.

The best thing about robots is they never get tired and they work around the clock. This means that when the scope of your processing goes up (e.g. more reporting) or when you need to quickly react to a regulatory demand, you don’t need to break a sweat. You simply configure more processes as and when you need them.

Save time. Improve data quality. Empower your decision making.

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