Deloitte partner advocates ‘meaningful’ business process

Joshua Tanchel, Deloitte partner, says the latest automation software not only saves time and money but can also give your business a considerable competitive advantage by highlighting the fundamental metrics behind the results.

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How can a ‘private’ business with limited administrative staff improve the provision of quality, flexible information without overhauling an existing operating and reporting model? Substantially larger public companies partially resolve this issue through the purchase or development of a large data warehouse system or by outsourcing the work to a low cost environment.
However, data warehouse software and development can be capital intensive and requires significant ongoing maintenance to remain effective and relevant. Additional staff are required; existing staff need to develop new skills and the interim solution still requires configuration to provide meaningful, adaptable reports.

The answer may be achieved by helping existing staff become more effective using familiar tools they already employ, such as a spreadsheet. A great example is the automation of reports that are produced for management, clients and government or regulatory bodies and then enhancing the report output to communicate key messages and business trends.

Once established, the process can be run as frequently as required and normally only takes a few minutes to complete, thereby cutting hours or even days from the traditional series of manual tasks.

[clear] You can find the complete article at Deloittes ‘Private Matters’ site.

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