Below are the most common questions we receive about our service and technology, along with the answers. If you cannot find an answer to your question – please do not hesitate to contact us directly to ask a question.

Is my data encrypted when I use SolveXia?

Yes. The SolveXia service encrypts your data between your browser and our servers – and your data is also encrypted when it is stored in our databases. This means that your data in protected both in motion and at rest.

Is my data stored in a database mixed with other clients?

No. Every SolveXia client has their own physical database, there is no co-mingling of data. This is an important part of our security and privacy policies, and is a significant differentiator from other service providers

What sort of efficiency gains can I expect from implementing SolveXia’s solution?

Efficiency gains take several forms. The painstaking manipulation of data that might involve several people the best part of a day, once recorded in the software, will only take minutes to run and can include a series of check steps to raise confidence in the integrity of the data. The addition of a new client that requires a set sequence of steps to be followed and may currently take a day or two to complete, can be transformed into a 60 minute task. Particularly large processes that previously took days to run can be reduced to hours by taking advantage of cloud computing resources.

Can I perform my own penetration testing on the SolveXia service?

Yes, many of our clients do this. We ask that you contact us and organise this with us, so that when we detect the penetration attempts we do not automatically forward your organisations source IP addresses to the federal authorities and Internet blacklists as a malicious entity.

What happens when my key staff member who administers SolveXia leaves or goes on holiday?

SolveXia automatically documents your processes in detail so that they may be easily understood, and/or re-created, in the event of a key member of staff going on holiday, or leaving your organisation.

Why does SolveXia only support secured HTTP?

We only support secured HTTPS traffic so that we can be sure all communication to and from our servers occurs within an encrypted conversation. If you attempt to connect to the SolveXia service using ‘plain’ (unsecured) HTTP, you will be redirected to a secured HTTPS channel. This means our clients must be using browsers that support modern SSL standards – which is now very common and does not present a problem in the majority of our clients.

Who in my organisation needs a user account with SolveXia?

Only users that need to design, build, maintain or run your processes require access to the SolveXia system. The rest of your organisation receives the benefits of having automated processes by receiving the results automatically by email, or SMS for example.

Does the SolveXia infrastructure have redundancy built in?

Yes. We understand that business continuity is very important, and have consequently ensured that there is redundancy in our infrastructure to cope with failures. This starts with having multiple instances of servers for each role, and extends to ensuring that the data-centre that hosts our infrastructure has redundant power supplies and networking connections.

Can SolveXia processes be used for workflow style solutions?

Yes, processes can be directed to email particular people and those people can be authorised to start and stop processes. The focus of the SolveXia service is on automating processes so the intention is to minimise the need for manual intervention.

Is my data with SolveXia backed up?

Our standard subscription period is quarterly with the maximum commitment being 3 months. There are no ‘one off’ or ‘up front’ fees, and no termination fees. You can choose to discontinue after 3 months if you find that the service is not delivering the benefits you hoped for.

What types of file data does SolveXia work with?

SolveXia works with many of the common file types used in organisations around the world, with the most common being:

  1. Microsoft Excel ( versions 97 through to 2010 )
  2. Microsoft Access ( versions 97 through to 2010 )
  3. Comma, or tab delimited text files
  4. Fixed width files with positional records
  5. DBF (Foxpro databases)
  6. Zip archive files

We are constantly adding support for different file types. If you have a file type that is used in your business processes that is not listed above, please contact us to discuss support options.

Can I delete data (permanently) from the SolveXia system?

Yes. While the SolveXia service is designed to retain a historical version of your data to assist with auditing and review, it is possible to permanently delete data from the service should you need to. This is done by either explicitly deleting the processes and/or files in question, and configuring what we call the auto clean policy for the process – which governs when data is purged as opposed to just versioned.

How do I use data from my internal systems such as SAP, Oracle etc, in my SolveXia process?

Working with these systems is something we do often. The common approach for integrating with these systems is to use existing extracts that are produced by these systems, and use them as inputs (uploads) into processes defined in the SolveXia environment. This approach is simple, often utilises existing assets, and sits comfortably within the majority of IT security policies. We also support direct ODBC, FTP and web service connection points for those organisations that would like to establish direct connectivity between steps in their SolveXia based processes and their existing systems. Working with these systems is something we do often. The common approach for integrating with these systems is to use existing extracts that are produced by these systems, and use them as inputs (uploads) into processes defined in the SolveXia environment. This approach is simple, often utilises existing assets, and sits comfortably within the majority of IT security policies.

How much does the SolveXia service cost?

SolveXia charges a monthly subscription fee per user. This varies according to the number of users that a company subscribes for each month and the resources required. There are no initial once off or up-front payments for the service, and there are no limits to the number of processes that can be automated. Please contact us at or call +61-2-9386-0202 to discuss pricing and your requirements.

I don’t have time to build my own processes, can SolveXia build them for me?

Yes, we are happy to assist you with the design, building and maintenance of your processes. Although our preferred philosophy is to teach clients how to be self sufficient, we recognise that for some organisations, they would prefer to engage additional support to help them transition to a more fully automated and controlled business. For these organisations, we offer consulting services that can be used to help build and maintain automated processes.

How long am I committed for if I sign up to use SolveXia?

Our subscription period is quarterly – so the maximum commitment is 3 months. There are no ‘once off’ or ‘up front’ fees, and no termination fees. You can choose to discontinue after 3 months if you find that the service is not delivering the benefits you hoped for.

What browsers are supported for working with SolveXia’s service?

SolveXia’s process designer view uses the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which works with Internet Explorer and Safari (we are currently in the process of migrating away from Silverlight). Our end user view, however, is HTML based and works in any browser.

What happens to my data if I discontinue with the service?

It is deleted permanently – along with all backup data.

How long does it take to setup and deploy this solution?

On our hosted environment, a new client organisation can be up and running in under 30 minutes. New users are added on demand.

Can I vary the number of users I have subscribed to the service?

Yes. You can add or remove users at any time. The minimum subscription period for additional users is 1 month.

Do I need to install any software onto my PC?

You do not need to install any client software. All you need is a web browser and the Microsoft Silverlight plugin. SolveXia is delivered entirely through your browser.

I perform some complex calculations in an Excel model or an Access database. How will SolveXia do this?

SolveXia will perform your calculations in the exact way that it is currently performed, using your Excel and Access files. For example, when you configure a step in SolveXia to update a VLOOKUP() formula in your Excel file. SolveXia will:

  1. Update the formula IN your upload version of the Excel file; then
  2. Re-calculate your Excel file

The actions performed in SolveXia are no different to what would occur manually on your desktop, however they are now completed without the need for manual intervention (e.g. updating the formula in the spreadsheet). Furthermore, the previously manual actions are performed in a secure, centralised environment and are automatically documented with a full history of changes made to your files.

Can the solution be deployed in-house by my organisation?

Yes, SolveXia can be deployed in-house, so that it is hosted internally within your organisations intranet. Our normal mode of deployment is to deliver the solution in a software-as-a-service model, as this is offers our clients a significantly lower cost profile – however for some clients running the solution in-house may be a requirement. For more information, please contact us on + 61 2 9386 0202.

How flexible are my processes in SolveXia?

As with most areas of your business, processes will undoubtedly change over time. This can include changes to the data used, the reports that are produced or the frequency with which the process is run. Our users maintain and routinely enhance their processes in an interface that does not require any programming, is easy to learn and understand using the Excel, Access and text files that the organisation is familiar with. This fact, combined with an on-demand specification report detailing every step in your process allows the process to grow and change with the business quickly and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Is my data secure when I work with SolveXia?

We take the security of our clients data very seriously – it is the foundation of our business. We subscribe to a ‘defence in depth’ strategy, which means we employ a range of tactics – not relying on only one tactic to provide security. Additionally, we commission an external security firm to review our security every 4 months – to help ensure that we stay on top of emerging threats and issues.

How to I check for or prevent erroneous data from being run through my process?

We find that our users routinely configure steps at the beginning of their process to validate their data as it “comes in”. This includes comparing the format and structure of an input file to a pre-defined template (e.g. have I got the right columns etc…) and performing simple sanity checks on the data (e.g. count of records, checking dates etc). Furthermore, the processes are often configured to stop and alert a key user in the event that a validation issue has arisen.

Does SolveXia send my data to other organisations?

No. Under no circumstances is your data permitted to leave our infrastructure.

Where is my data stored?

You can choose between Microsoft Azure Cloud in Australia or Europe.

How do I prevent some of my staff from viewing or editing selected processes?

The SolveXia service has a complete security and permissions model built in. This means that when a person creates a process, only they will have access to view and edit it initially. In order to other people to work with this process, the process-owner must explicitly grant them permissions. Permissions are quite fine grained – meaning you can give just read permissions, or read and modify, or read, modify and execute – whatever is most appropriate

Do the actions in SolveXia affect the Excel spreadsheets in my computer’s C: drive?

No. SolveXia cannot in any way alter, affect or damage the Excel spreadsheets in your computer’s C: drive. When you upload an Excel spreadsheet to SolveXia the system actually creates a copy of the file in your C: drive and it is only that copy which is manipulated by the software. The version in your C: drive will remain unaltered, no matter how much SolveXia manipulates the uploaded copy by running steps in the configured process.

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