Sometimes, when assessing if a process is suitable for automation, you may not have access to the subject matter experts and the granular detail that they provide.

The questions below can be asked of managers and team leads to help understand if automation will be of benefit:

  1. Are staff struggling to meet deadlines to complete the process each day, week, month or quarter?
  2. Does the process need to scale (grow) with the business – such as handling new products, customers, divisions and systems.
  3. Is the process susceptible to changes that, when they occur, must urgently be accommodated such as new source files or reporting requirements?
  4. Does the process produce high value information either for management, customers or regulators (i.e. is it critical that the information is correct)?
  5. When staff leave, does it cause significant disruption to the process (such as missed deadlines, high numbers of errors etc)?
  6. Does the process require significant attention of the staff involved – i.e. are staff often unavailable for other ad-hoc requests (while completing their process)?
  7. Does the process have limited to no support from IT (other than providing data extracts)?

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then automation should be considered.

Save time. Improve data quality. Empower your decision making.

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