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Processes in SolveXia can be scheduled to run automatically on a regular basis. This article explains how to set this up using the ‘Run Schedule’ feature. Processes can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or on the last day of any month. The user can also specify a date for when the run scheduling should start and a date (or no date) for when it should end. A time limit, after which an automatic run will be cancelled, can also be specified.

Before we get started

Before you start, please open an existing process or create a new process. For help, please refer to the links below:


1. From the ribbon, select the ‘Run’ tab.

2. Click the ‘Run Schedule’ icon. The configuration options will appear in the step editing Workspace.

3. Tick the box for ‘Do you want to enable run schedule?’. This will enable the feature.

4. Under the Frequency section, click the field to the right of ‘Occurs’. (This field should by default be set to “Daily”). A dropdown will appear. Select “Weekly” from the dropdown.

5. The field for ‘Recurs every _ week(s)’ should be set to “1” by default. This will schedule the process to run every week.

6. From the list of days of the week, tick the box for “Monday”. This will schedule the process to run every Monday.

7. Click the field to the right of ‘Start at’. (This field should by default be populated by the time the configuration options for this feature was opened). The time will be selected. Type “10” into the field to replace the default time. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

8. Alternatively, click the clock icon at the right side of the field. A dropdown displaying various times will open up. Select “10:00AM” from the dropdown. This will schedule the process to run at 10am every Monday.

9. The ‘Start date’ should be set to the current date by default. (To change this, click the calendar icon at the right of the field and select a new date from the dropdown). This is the date from which the automatic running will start.

10. The ‘No end date’ option should be enabled by default. This means that the automatic running will continue forever i.e. the process will run every Monday at 10am forever.

11. The ‘End date’ option will be disabled by default. Enabling this option disables the ‘No end date’ option.

12. The ‘Time limit for process run to finish (in minutes)’ field should be set to “60” by default.

13. The Summary section should display the following:

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