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Automated data reporting and analytics for Finance departments

SolveXia's secure cloud platform can ingest all of your data, in any format to produce the exact reporting that you need. With over 500 reports automated on the platform and counting, you can be sure that SolveXia is the right tool for your reporting needs.

Ingest data in any format

Combine, transform and cleanse data from your ERP, CRM, Product Systems, Spreadsheets websites and more.

Powerful data automation library

Comprehensive suite of data manipulation "bots" that can shape, blend and calculate data into the exact format that is required for your reporting.

Rich suite of reporting formats

Automatically generate file-based reports in Excel, Word, PDF etc. or create stunning, online dashboards and data visualisations.

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How SolveXia delivers value for Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

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Sales and Revenue Reports

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Expense Management and Tracking

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Scorecards and KPIs

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Investor Communications

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Exception Reporting

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Have a different process you want to automate?

No sweat. The list of use cases above are just a small sample of the processes automated on SolveXia. Click on “learn more” to reach out and talk to us about your specific use case.

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Our Work

Wealth Management - Fund Performance Flyers

This case study shows how a large Australian financial services company used SolveXia's automated processes to solve its fund performance flyers issue.

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Travel - Member Agency Sales Reporting

This case study depicts how a global travel group used SolveXia's automated solutions to solve its member agency sales reporting problem.

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