Airline Revenue Optimisation



Tracking and forecasting airline revenue is challenge for most travel agencies, often coming at the cost of missing out on reaching commission / override tiers. Use SolveXia to collect HOT file and other data and produce meaningful forecasts and analytics to help you manage your airline contracts and perform what-if analysis to optimise your revenue.



Data collection and format
    • Input data in any delimited format (csv, text), Excel or Access database
    • Automatic collection and processing of HOT files from BSPConnect.
    • Ability to input airline contracts including eligibility rules and revenue tiers
    • Ability to collect data from Travelport Booking Feed (TBF)
    • Ability to input actual revenue reported by airlines
    • Users can upload files directly into the process. Alternatively, files can be collected via secure FTP or via direct connections to source systems (configured as needed)
Processing of data
  • Distance-based pro-ration of ticketed revenue against each flown segment
  • Calculation of forecasts for eligible revenue for each contract
  • Flown revenue performance including YoY/MoM movements
  • Ticketed revenue performance
  • Forecasts for eligible revenue against each contract
  • What-if analysis with ability to move forecasted revenue between contracts and view net impact on total overrides earned
  • Automated alerts when actual revenue deviates from forecasts.

Getting Started

Seen enough? Want to know how to get started with the SolveXia?

The typical journey taken by many of our current customers using this solution involves:

  1. An initial meeting to understand your specific airline revenue optimisation needs(contact us to get started)
  2. A small, yet meaningful proof of concept exercise (usually focusing on a key airline contract)
  3. Business, Legal, IT and Procurement sign-off for licensing of SolveXia and any implementation
  4. Initial analysis and design. This will most likely require collecting your HOT file data and a collection of key contracts and running this through the SolveXia Airline Revenue Optimisation solution
  5. Customisation of your solution – taking what we already have and extending it to provide exactly what you need.
  6. Training of your staff to use the solution in SolveXia
  7. Review, audit and parallel running of your solution.
  8. Ongoing support and maintenance.

Note, Step 4 onwards can be performed by SolveXia analysts as well as your internal resources (with training) or a third party (i.e. one of our consulting partners).

Why use SolveXiafor Airline Revenue Optimisation?

Significant time savings

Produce critical analytics in hours (using HOT file data). Get near-real time information when using Travelport Booking Feed.

End-to-end automation

From HOT files and contract rules through to powerful dashboards and analytics.

Simplify your process

Manage your contract rules through simple maintenance tables (Excel based).

Enforce data quality & rules

Ensure that the information flowing through to your revenue forecasts is accurate.

Scale for new contracts

Add new contracts quickly and easily by updating a simple “rules” table.

Audit trails and documentation

Live/up-to-date documentation can be generated at any time which describes theend-to-end process (e.g. to an auditor or senior management).

Save time. Improve data quality. Empower your decision making.

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