Use of auto-filter gets disabled after processing file through some of instructions.

Use of auto-filter gets disabled after processing file through some of instructions; e.g. Update cell value instruction.

Why does this happen?

It has been identified as limitation of one of our internal library that removes the “fine-grained protection options”, while processing the file using some of file instructions.

How to fix this

SolveXia has developed a file instructions called Alter worksheet protection to overcome this limitation and help in restoring the use autofilter option back.
Below are steps that helps you in restoring “Use autofilter” for protected worksheets.

1. Configure a Alter worksheet protection step and link your workbook as the picture below.

2. Run the step and open the target Excel file to check if the filter can be changed in the protected worksheets. Changing the filter should be allowed again. We recommend to run this step as late as possible in your process, so the protected sheet will less likely get affected by other file instructions.


If you have similar issues with sort or use pivottable reports, you could solve it by replicating this approach with corresponding option checked in the Alter worksheet protection step.

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