Use email to get your process to send you results

By putting a send email step at the end of process and link the results in its attachment section,  you will be able to  1) know the process has finished running  2) view the result?

A common scenario at workplace:

M: Hi S,  I need a financial report.  Could you write it ASAP and send to me by email,  please?

S:  Sure.

After a few hours of hard work,  S completed the report and send M the email.

With Solvexia:

M: Hi S,  I need a financialreport.  Could you write it ASAP and send to me by email,  please?

S:  Sure.

S log on to Solvexia Automation System,  open the financial report process.  Because the financial report process already have  an email step configured at the end to send the results to M,  S just need to click run and M will receive the report in a few minutes.


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