Use named ranges to make your spreadsheets more robust

Working with the formulas and references in the excel spreadsheets can become complex and confusing when formulas contain lengthy cell references. There is a smart way to overcome with this problem and make spreadsheets more meaningful, simple and easy to understand by using named ranges. Excel named ranges is powerful and efficient way to make the excel spreadsheets more robust, sophisticated yet simple.

Benefits of using named ranges are

  • Reduce complexity and errors in the formulas
  • Make it easy to read and understand the formulas
  • Easy to use in file instructions on SolveXia platform
  • Can be used at multiple places in the spreadsheet


Here are the steps to create named ranges in the excel 2007 or later workbook,

  1. Select a cell or range of cells
  2. Right click and choose ‘Name a Range…’
  3. Enter meaningful name, Select scope of the named range
  4. Enter description, if you want to
  5. Click OK












If your process does not use standard excel template and you have to repeat the steps to create named ranges in MS Excel, then it is recommended to set up “Create named range” step on SolveXia platform.

Here are the steps to set up “Create named range” on SolveXia platform

  1. Open file manipulation step
  2. Turn on Design Mode
  3. Select ‘Create named range’ instruction from Excel Group
  4. Choose an excel file
  5. Select worksheet
  6. Select cell address or use advanced range address
  7. Enter a range name
  8. Save and run the step

Once create named range step is setup, it will create the named range in the selected file every time you run the process.


To manage named ranges in MS Excel, Go to Formulas tab and click on Name Manager. This will open a dialog box with list of named ranges available in the currently opened workbook. You can edit, delete, rename or add a new named range.


Named ranges makes life so easy to work with excel spreadsheets. I hope you will find it easy to work with named ranges.


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