Use notes to document your process

Creating a process in SolveXia is easy thing to do. It becomes more easy and flexible when process speak itself in your absence.  Yes – You can make your process explain itself by adding step notes to each step. Step notes are rich text note editor that allows to add information about the step, purpose, expected results, dependency and other information that is related to the step.


Why you should use step notes

    • It makes easy to explain the process to other person
    • Increase transparency of each step
    • Other person can run the process and diagnose any raised issue if step notes are written
    • Easy to reorganize and restructure the process in later stage


Here are the steps to add “Step notes”

1. Open a process,

2. Turn on Design mode,

3. Right click on your step and choose “Edit step notes” (Rich text editor will open)

4. Enter the notes that explain about the step. (You can also format the text in the notes)

5. Click “Save notes”.

6. Click on “Save” button on the tool bar to save process.

7. Mouse over to the yellow notes symbol. You will see popup with the notes.

We recommend you to add step notes on every step in your process that explains about that step. Step notes help to explain process itself and diagnose the issue in case of step failure.

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  • James

    This is a great article Viral – and good to point out that you can attach notes to specific steps.

  • Roman

    I’m with James on this one

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