How to change the units shown for numbers in a tabular report (via Data Conversion)


SolveXia Analytics & Reporting provides a simple way to create powerful reports based on managed tables. With the latest BI and data visualisation techniques, you can create reports that communicate and inform effectively.

This article is a tutorial which will act as a guide to using the Data Conversion feature. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to, for example, display number data in thousands or millions.

Before we get started

Before we start creating our first report, please make sure that you have a managed table created and table has at least one row of data.
There are help articles to help you create your managed table and import data into it.

[message type=”warning”]For the purposes of this article we will continue to use the Cookie Shop example from the ‘Creating an aggregated field within a tabular report’ tutorial. Again, you may want to replace the “CookieShop” managed table with a managed table of your own.[/message]


1. At the end of the Creating an aggregated field within a tabular report tutorial, we saw that the report resembled the following image:

2. However, imagine that we only want to see the total profit for these years in thousands (e.g. $68,934 instead of $68,934,000 for the year 2003). Therefore, first, proceed to the ‘Report Data’ stage of the Report Builder.

3. Select the Column containing [highlight txt=’profit’] data.

4. Select the [highlight txt=’Advanced Function’] icon.

5. A new browser window will pop-up. Select the [highlight txt=’Data Conversion’] tab.

6. Under the ‘Converters’ section, click [highlight txt=’Add’].

7. Select the collapsed [highlight txt=’dropdown’] containing the value “- – Select – -”. Select “Numeric Divide Converter” from the dropdown.

8. Type “1000” into the ‘Denominator’ free-text box. Click [highlight txt=’Save’].

9. Click [highlight txt=’Save’].

10. Your preview of the tabular report should now resemble the following image:

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