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SolveXia Analytics & Reporting provides a simple way to create powerful reports based on managed tables. With the latest BI and data visualisation techniques, you can create reports that communicate and inform effectively.

This article is a tutorial which will act as a guide to working with filters. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to create filters which users can interact with based on the data values contained within a data field.

Before we get started

Before we start, please make sure that you have a managed table created and table has at least one row of data.
There are help articles to help you create your managed table and import data into it.

[message type=”warning”]For the purposes of this article we will continue to use the example from the How to create a report with a pie chart tutorial.[/message]


1. Open the pie chart created at the completion of the How to create a report with a pie chart tutorial.

2. From the toolbar, select [highlight txt=’Edit’]. Then, from the dropdown that appears, select [highlight txt=’Data’].

3. Expand the ‘Views and Sources’ folder in the ‘Data Fields’ pane by clicking the [highlight txt=’arrow’].

4. [highlight txt=’Drag’] the “AirlineInfo_Fare_Class” field into the ‘Filters’ pane.

5. [highlight txt=’Navigate’] to the ‘Report Filter’ stage by clicking [highlight txt=’2′].

6. [highlight txt=’Select’] the collapsed dropdown containing the value “Equal to”. [highlight txt=’Select’] “In List” from the dropdown.

7. [highlight txt=’Navigate’] to the ‘Preview’ stage. [highlight txt=’Select’] the ‘Filters’ toolbar. Then, [highlight txt=’select’] the collapsed dropdown containing the value “- – Select – -”. [highlight txt=’Select’] “AirlineInfo_Fare_Class” from the dropdown.

.8 [highlight txt=’Select’] the ‘Entry style’ icon from the toolbar. Under the ‘How should values be entered for this filter?’ section, [highlight txt=’select’] ‘Drop-down’.

.9 Under the ‘How should values be provided for the Drop-Down list?’ section, [highlight txt=’select’] the ‘Refresh Now’ hyperlink. Click [highlight txt=’Save’].

10. To filter the pie chart so that it only refers to data of “Business” fare class, [highlight txt=’select’] “Business” from within the drop-down list. [highlight txt=’Click’] the arrow to generate the chart.

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