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The reporting processes of some businesses are inherently complex, especially when the businesses they support include sophisticated multi-national operations. In a fundamentally complicated, high-pressure sector, managers at ANC recognised that administration manager Deen Hamaker had, “one of the most complex reports we’ve ever seen.”

1. Introduction

Deen did not need much persuasion when management suggested that he try to minimise that complexity by making use of SolveXia with the added incentive that, if it worked, “we’d roll it out across the company.”

He says, “Initially, I ran two of those complex monthly reports on SolveXia, but even after the first one I knew SolveXia was the right solution for us.”

“By the second month, the time-savings generated by using SolveXia were clear to everyone. Over the cycle of running the four different monthly reports configured on the SolveXia platform, I had the process of reporting down from ten days to three days – that is a huge jump in efficiency.”

“SolveXia has made a significant difference in the allocation of my time. I can now focus on the higher value parts of my job, which is better for our business, and frankly, more rewarding for me.”

2. Introducing SolveXia

SolveXia is a visionary tool in an emerging class set to transform whole industries. It is a hosted, enterprise-grade platform for automating mid and back office processes. It is targeted at organisations that need rapid adaptation of routine, time-consuming, data-intensive processes at a disruptively low price.

And it enables reporting on complex data sets in dramatically simplified and compelling ways.

As software-as-a-service, SolveXia sits in the cloud, is accessible via any modern browser and is provided at a low monthly cost, paid for by “the seat”, or individual user, as an operational rather than capital expense. Users can pay for as much or as little as they use, in line with the fortunes of their business.

The technology offers 24-7 uptime and eliminates the need for custom development at the client end, where available resources may be tied up on other tasks.

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About ANC - Australian National Couriers

ANC was founded in 1998 made up of leading light transport operators in Sydney (1921), Brisbane (1990), Melbourne (1988), Adelaide (1976) and Perth (1988). Bringing together 150 years of experience in the courier and light transport industry, ANC provides local knowledge and commitment with a national depth of service that now extends internationally.


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Ran two complex monthly reports on SolveXia

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