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Transform your Finance and Accounting teams with Low-Code Automation and Data Management. Empower business users to deliver operational excellence and business performance for your company.

Get the Insights You Need to Make Better Business Decisions

SolveXia empowers Finance and Accounting staff to automate their data preparation and reporting, replacing spreadsheets and macros with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to streamline finance, tax, and compliance processes. Let our platform handle mundane and repetitive tasks like combining and transforming data and preparing reports so that you and your team can focus on analysis and improving the business.

Reduce Tedious Work
Automate mundane and repetitive data preparation and reporting.
Do More With Your Data
Leverage more accurate, timely and granular data to improve your business.
Drive Operational Excellence
Empower finance teams to continuously improve their processes.

Automate Finance Processes

SolveXia is the ideal tool for automating finance processes such as reconciliations, revenue and expense analysis, regulatory reporting and rebate management. Our platform can easily combine, validate and prepare data from your ERP and other systems and produce and share personalized analytics in minutes.

Meet Michael

As the head of finance excellence for his company, he is responsible for ensuring finance staff have access to timely, trusted, and reliable data.

Finance Staff Empowered

Michael leverages SolveXia to empower finance users to automate their own processes. This allows staff to reduce tedious work and focus on helping the business achieve its goals.

Driving Operational Excellence

In addition to massive time savings, Michael can work with Finance to improve processes by increasing the accuracy and granularity of data and allowing critical tasks to be run more frequently.
with solvexia

Business Outcomes

  • Excel data silos eliminated and replaced with streamlined and connected processes.
  • Happier staff due to a reduction in boring and mundane data manipulation.
  • Enhanced process visibility for future IT transformation programs.

Meet Michael

As the head of finance excellence for his company, he is responsible for ensuring finance staff have access to timely, trusted, and reliable data.

Over-Reliance on Spreadsheets

Finite IT resources means that Finance staff increasingly rely on manual, spreadsheet-driven workarounds for repetitive data preparation.

Difficult to Keep Pace with Change

New reporting and data requirements join a growing queue of IT requests, limiting the agility of the organization.
without solvexia

Lack of Control and Adaptability

  • Process duplication and inconsistencies.
  • Limited visibility and increased risk for critical tasks.
  • Difficult for Finance to support business growth.

Improve Your Business With Financial Automation

SolveXia automates data preparation and reporting, allowing you and your team to focus on analyzing and communicating results and working to improve your business.

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Business-Led Financial Automation

Fast and Easy for Business Users

SolveXia provides automation that is fast to deploy and easy to learn. This includes no-code, drag-and-drop, building blocks to collect and transform any data into interactive reports and analytics.

Extensible and Bespoke Automation

Instead of buying multiple systems, you can leverage SolveXia to automate hundreds of processes for your company, including reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, regulatory compliance, rebate management and much more.

Seamless Integration With Your Business

SolveXia can harness the power of your existing applications and data and integrate directly with your resources such as your ERP and Data Warehouse. The software also works seamlessly with your existing spreadsheets allowing you to automate with minimal re-engineering.

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We drive efficiencies and optimization for a range of critical finance processes. SolveXia delivers unlimited extensibility by integrating any type of data (internal and external, financial and non-financial) to minimize the total cost of ownership. There are over 250 unique finance applications running on the SolveXia platform today.

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