Watch our collection of videos based on a variety of topics such as finance, statistics, demonstrations and more. SolveXia's process automation provides powerful data analytics, bank-grade security, governance and collaboration. It is a scalable and connected solution for all finance teams.

How to Drive Finance Excellence

Learn what Finance Excellence (FinEx) is and three tactics for FinEx success, as well as examples and case studies.

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5 Ways Finance Departments Can Minimise the Impact of Coronavirus

We share 5 ways that Finance departments can thrive in spite of the disruption brought about by COVID-19.

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SolveXia in 90 Seconds

90 second video of the SolveXia application. Learn how to automate every step and run your processes 10x faster than manual effort.

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Achieving Organisational Agility Through Automation

Find out how can one achieve organisational agility. When regulations change, the finance department scrambles to keep pace.

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Stats, Simulations and SolveXia

Presentation on Stats, Simulation and SolveXia. Covering the history of statistics as well as highlighting some new features of SolveXia.

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The Changing Role of Finance

Discussion the changing expectations for CFOs and finance teams. This presentation was given on the 24th of October 2018 at our User Group event.

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Data Aggregation, Transformation and Validation

Webinar on answers to common questions about data aggregation, transformation and validation and how these can be made easy with SolveXia.

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SolveXia in under 5 minutes

An explanation and demo of the SolveXia platform in under 5 minutes. Find out SolveXia's automation capabilities and how we can help you.

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Things To Know

Video series on answers to common questions and queries about SolveXia as well as issues that clients ask about our process automation solutions.

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Why processes need to be on the agenda in 2014

SolveXia is delighted to launch a new video that explains how our platform can help to improve productivity through business automation.

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Process Excellence: The Key to Lifting Productivity

This video highlights the key to maximise business productivity. Learn more about achieving process excellence through automation.

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