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Solve Your Toughest Challenges

Are you frantically updating your reporting pack hours before the deadline?

You finished month-end reporting 2-days late and your boss found errors. After spending an intense day sorting through your spreadsheets to find and fix the errors, you are exhausted. You cannot let this happen again next month!

If any of these problems sound familiar, it may be time to start looking to automate and give your team the competitive edge:

  1. You are working longer hours to meet deadlines
  2. You rely on tedious spreadsheet work for reporting
  3. You stress about errors and key person risk
  4. You spend more time preparing data than on analysis

Unleash Your Potential With Accountant-Friendly Automation

Increase accuracy and drive better outcomes for you and your customers

  • Complete your reconciliations 100x faster
  • Improve reporting accuracy with 98% fewer errors
  • Meet deadlines and increase visibility with robust audit trails
  • Empower your team to automate without IT
  • Collaborate and share critical processes with your team
  • Integrate with all your systems and automate your Excel spreadsheets

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Claim Your Demo

Increase the Accuracy of Your Work. Make Your Finance Team More Valuable.

Easily Integrate With

Accurate and Timely Reporting Just Got Easier

Easy No-Code Automation Made for Finance

Automate using drag-and-drop building blocks.

Bots That Intelligently Work With Your Data

100+ bots that combine, cleanse, validate and calculate data.

Automation That Understands Excel

SolveXia interprets and automates your existing spreadsheets.

Auditor-Ready Documentation and History

Software that automatically documents as you automate.

Automate With Peace of Mind

Using new software can be daunting. You want to know that SolveXia is secure, trusted and credible and that it will work with your systems and data. Here is a short FAQ to help answer some of these questions for you:

What kind of processes can I automate?

SolveXia is ideal for any repetitive data task that you might already be doing in tools like Excel.

The most common processes automated by our customers tend to be within the Financial Close such as reconciliations and reporting, however, over 1,000 different processes have be automated using SolveXia with more being added every day.

How long does it take to set up and deploy SolveXia?

You will be up and running in under 30 minutes using our Secure Cloud environment.

Is my data secure when I use SolveXia?

Yes. The security of our customers data is of paramount importance. SolveXia is hosted on enterprise grade cloud infrastructure with all data encrypted both in transit and at rest.

I don't have the time to build my own processes, can SolveXia build them for me?

Yes, our Implementation team and partners can help you design, build and maintain your processes. Our team can also train staff at your organisation so that you can become self-sufficient over time.