SolveXia for Accountants

Automate tedious and repetitive tasks to save time, meet deadlines more efficiently, and reclaim your day.

Save Your Time

In the new world of finance, accountants are called on to provide insights that go well beyond traditional financial oversight. Focus your time on what matters most with SolveXia's ability to handle mundane and repetitive tasks.

Reduce Tedious Work
Automate mundane and repetitive data preparation and reporting.
Increase Accuracy
Achieve 90% fewer errors in your financial reporting.
Do More With Your Data
Make near real-time decisions based on high quality data.

Increase Your Accuracy and Efficiency

Data Processing

Our quick and easy drag-and-drop interface helps you complete data processing in minutes. With SolveXia, human error is eliminated and repetitive, tedious and manual data processing is no longer a concern.

Data Validation

SolveXia provides automated data quality checks and exception reporting. A set of self-maintained validation rules and actions to be taken when errors are found allows you to uphold a high level of control over your processes.

Advanced Analytics

Embedded BI provides you with personalized analytics in minutes, and it ensures consistency in reports over time.


Connect seamlessly and securely to your ERP, CRM, workflow applications, database, data warehouse, and more, in real-time.

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Workflows help you automate and coordinate requests, such as collecting files and data into your process or data approvals. Tailor your workflows to your exact needs, including who receives the request, the action they must take and the amount of time they have to respond.

Financial Automation Solution

Fast and Easy for Business Users

SolveXia provides automation that is fast to deploy and easy to learn. This includes no-code, drag-and-drop building blocks to collect and transform any data into interactive reports and analytics.

Extensible Automation

Instead of buying multiple systems, you can leverage SolveXia to automate hundreds of processes for your company, including reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, regulatory compliance, rebate management and much more.

Seamless Integration With Your Business

SolveXia can harness the power of your existing applications and data and integrate directly with your resources such as your ERP and Data Warehouse. The software also works seamlessly with your existing spreadsheets allowing you to automate with minimal re-engineering.

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