Reconciliation Automation Software

Automate your reconciliations for increased accuracy, speed and control.

Streamline Your Reconciliation Process

SolveXia provides reconciliation software that automates your process to ensure accurate results. Let our software do the tedious and time-consuming work of transaction matching so that you can focus on analysis and driving the business forward.

Faster, More Flexible and Efficient Processes
Run your reconciliation 100x faster.
Improve the Accuracy of Your Reconciliation
Have 98% fewer errors.
Have Greater Visibility and Enhanced Control
Workflow and status dashboards.

Automate Your Reconciliation

SolveXia is the perfect tool for reconciliations. Our highly adaptable platform can easily combine data from your GL and other core systems, data warehouse, bank, suppliers and other sources. Build both simple and complex data matching rules including the ability to perform fuzzy logic matching.

Meet John

An ambitious and effective financial controller, he wants accurate and standardized reconciliation processes that he can trust.

Unified Reconciliation

Instead of relying on different spreadsheets, John's team is able to unify and standardize all of their reconciliations on SolveXia.

Intelligent Matching

The system automatically performs all of John's complex transaction matching in seconds.
with solvexia

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency, with reconciliations running 100x faster.
  • Greater visibility and less dependency on staff.
  • John and his team can focus on analysis and improving the business.

Meet John

An ambitious and effective financial controller, he wants accurate and standardized reconciliation processes that he can trust.

Manual and Inconsistent Processes

His team spends countless hours preparing reconciliations in disparate and siloed spreadsheets.

Lack of Control

Human error and a lack of visibility plague John's reconciliation processes, concerning the CFO and auditors.
without solvexia

Error-Prone and Time-Consuming Processes

  • Lack of visibility.
  • Inconsistent reconciliations.
  • Dependency on staff.

Bespoke Automated Reconciliation Software

Streamline Your Reconciliation

With intuitive interfaces, automated workflows, and real-time error tracking, our solution reduces manual inefficiencies, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances reconciliation accuracy. Spend less time on busy work and scale your organization with confidence.

Enhance Your Process Controls

SolveXia centralizes processes, eliminating manual spreadsheet reconciliation risks, ensuring role segregation, and providing robust audit trails and version control. Improve data quality with rules-based workflows that allow users to quickly identify discrepancies and speed up exceptions handling. SolveXia gives you efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind.

Ensure Visibility and Process Resilience

With cloud-based dashboards, gain real-time visibility into reconciliation status, reduce dependency on key staff, and streamline the review process. Our automation minimizes repetitive tasks, allowing your finance team to focus on strategic initiatives and providing total visibility for greater control.

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SolveXia makes automating reconciliations accessible for all finance professionals. Using SolveXia, you can save time, reduce errors, increase financial control and improve compliance.

Improve Your Reconciliation Process

SolveXia is a reconciliation tool that combines, enriches and matches millions of transactions in seconds and communicates results through rich and beautiful dashboards.

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Discover Our Full Range of Solutions

In addition to transforming reconciliations, we drive efficiencies and optimization for other critical finance processes. SolveXia delivers unlimited extensibility by integrating any type of data (internal and external, financial and non-financial) to minimize the total cost of ownership. There are over 250 unique finance applications running on the SolveXia platform today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reconciliation software?

Reconciliation software automates comparing financial data across multiple systems and sources to identify and resolve discrepancies. It streamlines the reconciliation workflow by automatically importing data, matching transactions, flagging exceptions, and providing audit trails. 

By leveraging automated account reconciliation software, organizations can significantly increase efficiency, accuracy, and control over their financial close processes, resulting in faster closes, reduced risk, and improved compliance.

What are the benefits of using SolveXia's automated reconciliation software?

SolveXia's intelligent reconciliation software solutions deliver several key benefits. They enable organizations to perform reconciliations 100x faster by automatically combining data from disparate sources and matching transactions using advanced algorithms. 

The software also reduces errors by 98% through consistent, transparent processing and workflows. Users can easily investigate and resolve exceptions via intuitive dashboards and collaborative workflows. SolveXia's scalable reconciliation platform allows organizations to handle growing transaction volumes without adding headcount. 

With SolveXia, companies typically achieve a positive return on investment (ROI) in 6-12 months by automating reconciliations and other critical financial processes.

How does SolveXia's reconciliation software work?

SolveXia's financial reconciliation software unifies data from all your systems and files into a centralized platform, creating a single source of truth. Its smart matching engine can reconcile complex scenarios and millions of transactions in seconds. 

Interactive dashboards provide real-time visibility into the status of every reconciliation, allowing managers to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks. Built-in workflow capabilities route exceptions to the right people for efficient investigation and resolution. 

SolveXia's transparent processing ensures consistent reconciliations across the organization while maintaining comprehensive audit trails for compliance and control purposes.

What types of reconciliations can I automate with SolveXia?

SolveXia's flexible and extensible platform supports automating various reconciliation processes. These include:

  • bank reconciliations
  • credit card reconciliations
  • intercompany and inter-system reconciliations
  • accounts payable and receivable reconciliations
  • payment and cash reconciliations
  • general ledger account reconciliations
  • net asset value (NAV) and holdings reconciliations

SolveXia's versatility allows organizations to standardize and automate reconciliations across multiple business units, geographies, and systems, driving consistency and efficiency throughout the financial close process.

How can SolveXia's reconciliation software help my finance team?

SolveXia empowers finance teams to work faster and smarter by automating time-consuming data preparation and reconciliation tasks. By eliminating manual effort, the software frees up staff to focus on investigating exceptions, performing higher-value analysis, and supporting strategic initiatives. 

Finance leaders gain real-time visibility into reconciliation status and aging, enabling them to monitor performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Auditors benefit from transparent, controlled processes that ensure the integrity and accuracy of financial data. 

With SolveXia, finance teams can scale operations, strengthen controls, and drive efficiency across the organization, ultimately becoming a more agile and strategic business partner.

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