SolveXia helps Finance departments unleash their full potential.

Process automation, data management and analytics for the finance function of tomorrow.
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Eliminate disconnected data, manual processes and spreadsheets.

SolveXia automatically combines and processes your data to produce the exact reporting and analysis that you need:

  • Replace spreadsheets, Access databases and macros
  • Capture and model your data processes
  • Automatically run your data processing in the cloud
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Rapid insights and analytics means more time for communication.

Stop spending all of your time massaging data into reports. SolveXia can prepare your reports, insights and analytics with the click of a button:

  • File based reporting (Excel, Word, PDF etc.)
  • Online dashboards and visualisations
  • Alerts and communication via email and sms
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Automation for the agile finance function of tomorrow.

SolveXia's intuitive process designer offers a no/low code approach for capturing and automating processes:

  • Capture and model your processes, from simple, sequential tasks to complex if-then-else logic and parallelisation
  • Comprehensive data automation library allows you to automate practically any type of data or reporting process.
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Governance by Design

When you automate your processes in SolveXia, you ensure that your processes are transparent and audit ready:

  • Live and up-to-date documentation for all your processes.
  • Audit trails and full history of process runs.
  • Mitigate key person dependency risk.
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We are now able to reconcile our General Ledger more quickly, freeing our staff so they can deal with more value-added functions.

Automation made for Everyone

Easy to learn. Fast to build.

SolveXia is designed for everyone (not just IT). Users can automate with no or little code. Subject matter experts (SMEs) can easily work with SolveXia, building, maintaining and running processes.

Industrial Strength and Flexible.

SolveXia can process data in any format into cleansed, transformed and validated reporting, analytics and insights. Our SQL Server storage and processing engine can easily scale whether you are processing 10 or 10 million rows of data. SolveXia can also be integrated with your existing applications and services to deliver end-to-end automation.

Amazing Support.

Our dedicated team of implementers, support staff and partners are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to learn to use SolveXia or need a team of experts to re-engineer, improve and automate your processes, we are here to help. You can have confidence knowing you are in good hands. We've automated 1,000+ processes and have expertise across process design, data wrangling, analytics and project management.

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Our Technology

1. Designer

The rich text element allows you to Interface for capturing and modelling business processes

2. Digital Production Line

Run processes, manipulates data, performs calculations etc.

3. Managed Tables

SQL Server engine for data warehousing and processing

4. Reporting and Analytics

File-based reports and online dashboards

5. Governance

Documentation and audit trails capturing everything in client environment

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