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Connect your data from SAP, Oracle and Spreadsheets and produce your reporting 10x faster. Accurately calculate and verify rebates for pharmaceutical wholesalers.
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Reporting, Rebate Calculations and Analytics for Healthcare Companies

SolveXia's secure cloud platform helps Finance teams in the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals industry produce reports and analytics that would simply not be possible via the traditional routes (such as joining the IT development queue). Ingest data in any format and effortly produce sales and inventory reports, KPIs, committed spend reports, rebate calculations and more.

Works seamlessly with your ERP data

SolveXia can ingest data in any format from your ERP, whether it be SAP, Oracle or any other provider.

Reduce dependency on key staff and IT

Stop adding pressure on your already overburdened IT department. Start systemising your critical Finance processes today.

Made for Rebate Calculations

SolveXia is the perfect solution for rebate and commission calculations. Leverage our cross-industry experience in this domain.

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How SolveXia delivers value to the Pharmaceuticals industry

Sales and Inventory Reporting

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Committed Spend Analysis

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Rebate Calculations and Verifications

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Transfer Pricing

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Have a different process you want to automate?

No sweat. The list of use cases above are just a small sample of the processes automated on SolveXia. Click on “learn more” to reach out and talk to us about your specific use case.

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Our Work

Pharmaceuticals - Committed Spend Reporting

This case study portrays how one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world used SolveXia's automated process to resolve its committed spend reporting problem.

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Pharmaceuticals - Rebate Verification

This case study depicts how a global pharmaceuticals company used SolveXia's automated solution to fix its rebate verification issues.

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