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The Future of Finance Work

What is SolveXia?

SolveXia runs your processes up to 100x faster with less dependency on staff. Our innovative platform combines and manipulates data, performs calculations and creates reports and analytics.

Our Customers Share a Vision for Doing Things Better, Faster and With Greater Accuracy


Automation that saves time and creates capacity.

Be Analytical

Turn data into insights in minutes instead of days.

Be Agile

Processes that are fast to build and easy to change.

Reduce Errors

Reduce errors and improve the quality of your data.

Our Technology

Data Processing

100+ automations to manipulate files and data in any format.


Easily create reports in any format including files and online dashboards.


Fast & Powerful SQL-based database to store and process data.

Bot-to-Human Interaction

Processes can pause, request and collect approvals and data from humans.

No-Code Automation

Automate using drag-and-drop components.

Audit Trails

Robust audit trails capturing a full history of your process and data.

Our Customers

SolveXia is used by companies across Australia, the UK, USA and South Africa. Our clients include banks, insurers, wealth managers, retail, pharmaceuticals and more. Finance teams often use our technology to free their staff from tedious reporting, reconciliations and other data manipulation tasks. Our customers:

Work Faster

Processes on SolveXia run up to 100x faster.

Have Less Errors

Processes have more validations and checks.

Avoid Key-Person Risk

Processes can easily be delegated to other staff.

Ready for Audit

Processes are documented and have audit trails.

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