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Effortlessly ingest all of your ticket, pax and travel data to create powerful insights, analytics and forecasts.
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Data analytics and reporting for Airlines, Travel Agents and GDS providers

SolveXia's unique data processing and analytics engine works perfectly with travel data to create stunning data visualisations and meaningful insights for suppliers, customers and sales channels. Ingest all of your data, in any format and any size, into our unified cloud platform and produce powerful reports and analytics. No IT project needed!

Capture, store and process all of your data

Leverage our SQL-Server data storage and processing engine, capable of processing 10m+ transactions at a time.

Forecast, predict and analyse

Advanced analytics engine makes it easy to forecast, predict and act on travel spend and behaviour.

Visualise and

Collaborative BI and dashboard capabilities to create stunning reports and share them with your suppliers, customers and partners.

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How SolveXia delivers value to the Travel industry

Forecast Backend Overrides

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GDS Polling Monitoring

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Airline Revenue and Override Forecasts

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TMC Dashboards

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Hotel Data Consolidation and Cleansing

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Commission Calculations

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No sweat. The list of use cases above are just a small sample of the processes automated on SolveXia. Click on “learn more” to reach out and talk to us about your specific use case.

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Our Work

Travel – Corporate Spend Analytics

This case study examines how a corporate travel management company used SolveXia's automated solution to fix its corporate spend analytics problem.

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Travel – Commission Allocations

This case study depicts how a group of travel management companies used SolveXia's automated solution to solve its commission allocations issue.

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