SolveXia for Travel

Effortlessly ingest all of your ticket, pax and travel data to create powerful insights, analytics and forecasts.

Data Analytics and Reporting for Airlines, Travel Agents and GDS Providers

SolveXia's unique data processing and analytics engine works perfectly with travel data to create data visualisations and meaningful insights for suppliers, customers and sales channels. Ingest all of your data, in any format and any size, and produce powerful reports and analytics. No IT project needed!
Capture, Store and Process Your Data
Leverage our SQL-Server data storage and processing engine, capable of processing 10m+ transactions at a time.
Forecast, Predict and Analyze
Advanced analytics engine makes it easy to forecast, predict and act on travel spend and behavior.
Visualise and Share
Collaborative BI and dashboard capabilities enable you to create reports and share them with your suppliers, customers and partners.

How SolveXia Delivers Value to the Travel Industry

Forecast Backend Overrides

Process ticket data to forecast backend overrides and commission payments. Timely reporting and analytics including what-if analysis for accurate predictions.

GDS Polling Monitoring

Collect and cleanse polling data, and run it through a trending and anomaly detection model to identify suspicious polling behavior.

Commission Calculations

Effortlessly manage complex commissions at scale, including calculations, reporting and producing invoices. Seamlessly add new customers and suppliers, and minimize the risk of calculation errors and incorrect payment with validation checks.

Airline Revenue and Override Forecasts

Ingest and process ticket data to forecast and optimize commission revenue. Timely reporting and analytics for management including what-if analysis.

TMC Dashboards

Collect and process data from core systems so that you can produce customized dashboards and reporting for all your customers on demand.

Improve Your Finance Processes

SolveXia is the ideal tool for automating finance processes across the travel industry. Let our platform handle mundane and repetitive tasks so that you and your team can focus on analysis and driving the business forward.

Choose Your Data Sheet

Business-Led Financial Automation

Fast and Easy for Business Users

SolveXia provides automation that is fast to deploy and easy to learn. This includes no-code, drag-and-drop, building blocks to collect and transform any data into interactive reports and analytics.

Extensible and Bespoke Automation

Instead of buying multiple systems, you can leverage SolveXia to automate hundreds of processes for your company, including reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, regulatory compliance, rebate management and much more.

Seamless Integration With Your Business

SolveXia can harness the power of your existing applications and data and integrate directly with your resources such as your ERP and Data Warehouse. The software also works seamlessly with your existing spreadsheets allowing you to automate with minimal re-engineering.

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