The Enterprise Process Automation Platform

Streamline and automate data processing, data management, and analytics.


The information you need, sooner.

Critical data processes completed 7 to 10x faster.


Confidence and comfort.

Consistent processing of your data to ensure optimal data quality.


Ready when you need it.

Live, up-to-date documentation, audit trails and version history for your data and processes.


The power to do more.

Get more done (without hiring more) and take your processes to the next level.

Three easy steps to turn data into information.


Connect your data.


Automate using smart data robots.


Get high quality information. Fast.

Three easy steps to turn data into information.

Connect your data

1. Connect your data.

Build virtual production lines

2. Automate with data robots.

Empower and inform

3. Get information. Fast.

  • testimonials-mockup-ctSolveXia made it possible to implement client dashboard reports in three weeks (verses a year using traditional business intelligence tools).

    Nick Sutherland Co-Founder of CT Connections
  • testimonials-mockup-icdSolveXia was the only way to resolve a series of seemingly intractable problems within a short time frame and with a high degree of certainty that we would have the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes in circumstance.

    Adam Light Co-Founder & MD of Icon by Design
  • We gave SolveXia a specification of how to take data out of our core system, do particular types of manipulation and put the data back into our actuarial projection. SolveXia delivered pre-built steps until the whole end-to-end process worked without human intervention.

    Darren Robinson Actuary at ClearView

Process automation solutions for your industry.

Who is SolveXia for?




CIO, Solutions Architects, Business Analysts
  • Get timely solutions to niche/outlier problems
  • Address user-developed application (UDA) concerns
  • Support the business without distracting from core projects

Management and Execs


Management and Execs

C’Level, department/division leads, accountable personnel
  • Get better information sooner
  • Have confidence that the numbers are right
  • Do more without hiring more
  • Reduce key person dependency

Process owners


Process owners

Accountants, Actuaries and Analysts
  • Get work done faster
  • Get more done
  • Spend more time on analysis
  • Worry less about making mistakes

Some of our Clients:


Processes run 7 to 10x faster

Over 30 years of time saved and counting

Fast, accurate and auditable.

Reliable, secure, and private.

With services to help you maximise the value of our technology.

Fast, accurate and

Reliable, secure, and

Services to help you get the
most out of SolveXia.

Save time. Improve data quality. Empower your decision making.