SolveXia for IT Departments

SolveXia revolutionizes the way IT interacts with Finance and Accounting by automating workflows and eliminating spreadsheet-based processes, faciliating greater collaboration between IT and business goals.

Streamline Complex, Data-Intensive and Spreadsheet-Based Tasks

Enhance the operational efficiency of your IT department and support broader organizational goals by improving data management, security, compliance, and inter-departmental collaboration. Reduce application development costs and empower your business users.

Robust Data Integration
Easily integrate with all your existing systems and files.
Rapid Deployment
Rapidly deliver flexible, user-friendly solutions to your stakeholders.
Security and Compliance
Robust data security measures, audit trails and access control give you peace of mind.

Transform Your Data Strategy


Securely and seamlessly connect to your ERP, CRM, workflow applications, database, data warehouse, and more.

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Our user-friendly process orchestration lets your Finance team run end-to-end simple and complex process workflows, freeing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.


Bridge the gap between IT and business units, fostering improved project collaboration and productivity. All data is stored securely on the cloud and can therefore easily be shared between departments and across systems.

Access Control

Enterprise-grade access management for all of your processes and data allows you to restrict and grant access to only those who should have it.

Secure Data Management Solution

Fast and Easy for Business Users

SolveXia provides automation that is fast to deploy and easy to learn. This includes no-code, drag-and-drop building blocks to collect and transform any data into interactive reports and analytics.

Extensible Automation

Instead of buying or building multiple systems, you can leverage SolveXia to automate hundreds of processes for your company, including reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, regulatory compliance, rebate management and much more. SolveXia easily adapts to business growth without significant alterations to IT infrastructure.

Seamless Integration With Your Business

SolveXia can harness the power of your existing applications and data and integrate directly with your resources such as your ERP and Data Warehouse. The software also works seamlessly with your existing spreadsheets allowing you to automate with minimal re-engineering.

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