Data Connectors

Powerful ways to connect to your data. End-to-end and real-time automation and analytics.

Continuous Connectivity
Securely and seamlessly connect to your ERP, CRM and workflow applications, in real-time.
Connected Data
Connect to your database, data warehouse or data lake and file stores (such as SharePoint or Dropbox).
Integrated Reporting
Incorporate connected data into your automated processes in SolveXia to rapidly and accurately deliver all of your reporting, reconciliations and analytics.
data connectors


Automatic, Seamless and Continuous

Use ready-to-go integrations for your key data sources and applications. Eliminate manual data collection and processing for seamless reporting and analytics.

Maintain Control and Visibility of Data

Robust access controls and detailed audit trails provide unparalleled visibility of your data lineage from source though to reports and analysis.

Unlimited Extensibility

SolveXia’s automation library of 100+ data preparation and analytics instructions allow you to easily and quickly connect to your data.

Improved Accuracy for Your Data

Eliminate human involvement in the collection and preparation of data to reduce the risk of data quality issues that can impact the validity of reporting.

Connect SolveXia to Your Systems and Data:

FTP/SFTP, HTTP, and more...

SolveXia Connectors

SolveXia offers the ability to connect using a combination of native, drag-and-drop connectors and integration through trusted third-party services such as Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate. Our support team can also build custom connections for your cloud or in-house systems as needed.

SolveXia API

IT and technical teams can build connections using SolveXia’s documented APIs. This includes the ability to connect to and orchestrate your SolveXia processes using your existing middleware and iPaaS investments or through custom scripting. Our support team can help you get up and running with your APIs.

Zapier Integration

We have partnered with Zapier to integrate with other services. Have a look at some of our integrations:

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