SolveXia Process Automation -
Release Notes

SolveXia v2.4.6

This release includes fixes to minor bugs to improve your SolveXia experience.


  • On very rare occasions, the “Publish cell value” instruction would return a “passed successfully” status when the step had actually failed. We’ve added an extra check to ensure this doesn’t happen.
  • We introduced support for more complex date types when running queries against managed tables to resolve an issue causing the “Select from Managed Table to Excel” instruction to fail.
  • We enhanced the error messages for action steps using Managed Tables to make it easier to identify the cause of a step failure.

SolveXia v2.4.5

A few fixes in the core engine, to make SolveXia even more stable, secure and reliable.

SolveXia v2.4.2

We are delighted to announce that this update to the SolveXia platform includes some exciting new features that we have been working on over several months.


  • The brand new SolveXia Public APIs start a new era of connectivity for our process automation platform. Now you can connect to the platform and work with your data in a more secure and easier way. To get started, check out the new SolveXia API Portal accessible from the user dropdown menu (accessed via your user name at the top right). Note that the old APIs will be deprecated with an end of life in September 2022.
  • Excel file instructions now have two new data range options: “To the bottom right” and “All available data” to allow for more flexible ways to dynamically extract data from worksheets.
  • The “Copy worksheet” instruction is now more user friendly and allows users to copy all worksheets from the source workbook as well as leave the target worksheet name optional.
  • We have also made the Link Data Step Property modal to remember the last data step you selected to facilitate faster linking and re-usability.
  • Links for “Email confirmation” and “Request file via email” forms now open in a new tab.


  • We have fixed a rare and random bug that was corrupting workbooks in ZIP files.
  • The "Copy Fixed Field File to Excel" instruction used to add blank columns to the file. It no longer does this.
  • There was an edge case scenario where some users could not upload files after working with the system for some time. We’ve found the reason and have fixed it.

SolveXia v2.3.3

This release includes fixes to some minor bugs to improve your SolveXia experience.


  • Deleted files now stay deleted. We fixed a rare issue that would very occasionally cause deleted files to reappear.
  • The “Unidentified System Error” that sometimes appeared on the Validate Cells Instruction have been resolved.
  • We have improved the UI to make it easier to clone step groups and managed tables.
  • The Mail Merge step has been improved to look more consistent compared to other action steps.
  • Renaming a step now immediately updates the step name wherever it appears on the page.

SolveXia 2.3.2

Thanks to a few fixes in the core engine, SolveXia is now more stable, secure and reliable.

SolveXia 2.3.1


  • A freshly updated interface to the Access & Permissions pages. Provides a better look and experience.
  • A new section in the SolveXia Admin View to hold your Organisation’s details. In time, we will add more settings there.
  • A new “Useremail” system variable to make your process building experience much smoother. This variable provides the email address of the user who is running the process.


  • Certain steps in scheduled process runs linked files from a parent process rather than from the process run itself. We’ve fixed it.
  • The step order in the Subscriber View is now correct when you have more than 10 steps.
  • Process designers with the Editor permissions for a process are now able to delete steps.

SolveXia 2.3.0

This update establishes a new and significant benchmark in the security and stability of the SolveXia application.


  • We’ve introduced a new way to run the “Run Generic Executable” step type in a more isolated and secure manner within the SolveXia system.


  • We’ve fixed some sneaky password validation bugs that could occur while users were trying to reset or change their old passwords. Now password policies are applied consistently across the system.
  • Previously, when users cloned or created a new data step property, it would appear at the end of the list and this was a little irritating. We’ve reworked this part to make experience with data steps smoother.
  • The SQL editor used to show phantom links to data step properties in queries. We’ve tidied up “the attic” to prevent this behaviour.
  • Some users experienced occasional random failures with a few rarely used step types. Thanks to a couple of“tweaks” in the back end of the system, these no longer occur.

SolveXia 2.2.0

This release brings some architectural changes at the back end to facilitate upcoming new features on our roadmap. Additionally, we’ve addressed a few issues in the Run Excel Calc Model step.


  • We’ve added an option to use extended support in the Copy from Excel to Table instruction. The switch allows to preserve values in a workbook calculated with the newest Excel functions.

SolveXia 2.1.2


  • We’ve added a new “Transpose” option to the Copy Cell Values instruction. Now you can rotate a range of data from rows to columns or vice versa, while copying it from one spreadsheet to another.
  • We have also made a few “tweaks” in the SolveXia engine which have improved the performance of the application.


  • We’ve implemented several security and stability fixes in the SolveXia Designer and Subscriber portals. Part of our ongoing work to make the application even better and more secure!

SolveXia 2.1.1

This release brings some awesome features and enhancements as well as stability and security improvements.


  • Our newest navigation panel in the Designer View is now rolled out. It lets you create processes, tables and reports in folders with a flick of a finger.
  • The new editor for the email body for all SolveXia email steps is out. It contains some great new features like text colours and hyperlinks.
  • If you work with long numbers in SolveXia data steps, you will find that your numbers now have commas for better readability.
  • We have improved the experience when choosing a process from the dropdown list in the Run Another Process step. We’ve added a search bar to it.
  • The updated Preview Manage Table window now shows a list of columns in the table.
  • Security is of the utmost importance to us. Always. The new SolveXia FTP steps obfuscate the username and password fields to protect sensitive information.


  • Tables in the SQL Editor and the Admin View portal were not ordered alphabetically. Now they are back to normal.
  • We’ve removed the default value in all data step properties as we realised that it is not used in the system. There is now greater transparency on the value used when you link your data step properties.
  • In the previous version, when you tried to delete the only existing group in your process, the Delete group modal would hang without showing any sign of life. It will now show an error message.
  • We’ve tinkered with the interfaces of some File Instructions to make them consistent across the system.
  • Some formatting rules could not be saved in the email body editor in email steps. This has now been fixed.
  • Our process run execution timeout rules did not take into consideration Email Confirmation and Request File Via Email steps that sometimes can take longer to complete. Now your process won’t be canceled if the waiting time is greater than the default timeout.
  • We have repaired some unexpected behaviour of the autoclean policy for your process runs. It is no longer defective.

SolveXia 2.0.10

This release brings some important updates to the user interface to improve the experience for process designers.


  • Step names can now be changed in the header of the step view (not just in the step groups).
  • Mail Merge has been enhanced. You can now include multiple email addresses in a single cell in your Excel model to send that email to multiple recipients.
  • We've improved the speed of the search feature when linking files and tables into an action step.
  • You can now see all of your process steps when configuring dependencies - simply click outside of the step dependency window.
  • The name of a data step property is now preserved when you change its data type.


  • Run numbers for cloned processes now start from number 1.
  • We've fixed code blocks in the email body editor.
  • Dropdowns in file instructions now have correct transparency and don't look unusual any more.
  • If you delete a Run Executable step, the files on that step are now deleted properly as well.
  • From now on filtering steps by files is more stable for files linked from other processes.

SolveXia 2.0.8

This version contains fixes for the process scheduling function, as well as minor UI changes and improvements.

SolveXia 2.0.7

In this release we've introduced a few style fixes and interface improvements to make your experience designing and running processes better.

Here are some highlights:

What is new

  • We've added a"Download" link to the menu for linked files in action steps to make it easier to get the file without opening it first.
  • We've added a "Forgot password" link to a "Change password" screen for those users who don't remember their passwords, and are asked to reset them.
  • We now allow the use of temporary tables in SQL queries.
  • We've changed the dropdown data step property interface in the Designer View to make it easy to work with the list of options.

What is fixed

  • Some users experienced problems changing their passwords from Subscriber View. We've fixed it.
  • We've made consistent validation rules for worksheet names in file instructions.
  • It was not possible to save the "Max run time" setting for the "Run another process step". We made it work.
  • It was possible to click multiple times on the Run button in Subscriber View, which unexpectedly produced several process runs. It does not happen any more.
  • We've applied some fixes to make the date picker value consistent across the system.
  • A long list of file instruction names was not possible to scroll through. We added a scroll bar to it.

SolveXia 2.0.6

What is fixed

  • There was a very sneaky bug with running processes that had special characters in data step names. You will not get odd messages when you start your processes any more.
  • Table storage amount in different places of the system showed conflicting numbers. It is now consistent across all parts of the system.
  • "Replace if exists" option in Copy Worksheet instruction did not seem to work. We've fixed it.
  • System variables now are showing consistent date values across all places in the system.
  • Some users could not see data in the dashboard widget "15 recent process runs". This is fixed now.
  • If the file upload is failed you can now upload the full error message to see what's wrong. This can be handy when it relates to network issues.

SolveXia 2.0.4

What is new

  • The application now loads 50% faster on Sign-in.
  • SolveXia Announcements widget now supports links.
  • We've updated styles for text block data step properties to make it look even better.
  • Now when you create a process-run with unsaved changes in steps we will save them for you automatically.

What is fixed

  • We've fixed the History link for Clear Table file instruction table links (some of our users could not navigate to history page).
  • Datetime data step property appeared with an additional 0 in the year when linked. We've removed it.
  • It is easier now to switch between processes and preserve opened steps.
  • Various fixes for the application to make it more stable in IE and Safari browsers.
  • Change title names in some instructions from SQL table to Managed table.
  • We've removed confusing settings for some file instructions to make it more clear how they are supposed to work.
  • Several fixes for reports and dashboards.
  • Primary key icon for columns view on managed tables screen is back. It was stolen by aliens.
  • Update syntax for run schedule feature to make it more user friendly.
  • Date picker now has the same settings across all components in the system.

SolveXia 2.0.0

What is fixed

  • Lots and lots of fixes to improve the application stability and reliability.

What is new

  • We finally say good bye to Silverlight. From this point forward nothing will stop you from using your favourite browser to work in SolveXia.
  • New and fresh redesigned interface of the Designer View. We're not fishing for compliments, but it looks really great ;)
  • Now every time you load SolveXia it will welcome you with the new dashboard.
  • SolveXia is now much more faster: we reduced the time it takes to load the application, folders processes, runs and even more.
  • You can now switch between processes and tables you're working on by using in-app tabs. Every process or table you open is opened as a separate in-app tab similar to browser tabs which gives a great flexibility to switch between them.
  • New permissions access system is now easier to understand and manage. You can assign Executor to the process and know for sure they won't be able to change it, but run.
  • User management moved from the old Designer View to the new SolveXia Admin View available for Client Admins.
  • Conditions in some instructions will do not only AND logic, but OR as well.
  • In order to create a process run you don't have to open a modal and tick the checkbox. Simply press the button.
  • Need to analyse your SQL query results? Here are some news! You can now export SQL editor preview results to csv.
  • We know it is hard to understand complex step dependency logic, and so we've added a preview to the Step Dependency editor to make it easier to read how process steps are going to run.
  • Want to know which steps in your process change a specific file or table? Good news! Now you can filter steps by file or table name to see which of them use it.
  • Instead of deleting column by column in some instructions, you can now specify the range you want to delete.
  • Data steps text block properties now support markdown, and that means you can link even gifs to it.
  • And something you have been waiting for quite a while; User Groups, to help you manage access to your resources in SolveXia with the snap of a finger.

Older versions

June 2019

  • Internal upgrades in preparation for New Designer View.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

February 2019

  • Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

January 2019

  • Software upgrades.
  • Heavy security upgrades.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

December 2018

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

November 2018

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Released new “Managed Tables” feature.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

September 2018

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Introduced new step type “Request files via Email”.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

August 2018

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

July 2018

  • New SQL Editor released!
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

June 2018

  • Ground work in preparation for new SQL Editor.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

May 2018

  • Quality of life bug fixes for new Subscriber view.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

April 2018

  • Added a new step type: Convert Microsoft Word documents to PDF files.
  • Even more server side preparations for upcoming features.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

March 2018

  • More server side preparations for upcoming features.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

February 2018

  • Server side preparations for upcoming features.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

January 2018

  • Introduced Single Sign On feature so clients can use their own corporate identity provider. For customers who enroll in this, they will no longer need to remember a specific Solvexia password. (please talk to us if you want to be on-boarded with Single Sign On)
  • Mail Merge date formatting now follows format specified in step properties.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

December 2017

  • Minor UI improvement to ensure selection of Designer or Subscriber View screen does not flash up to user on hitting landing page.
  • Added a new file upload mode called ‘Chunking’ for improved reliability. This was useful especially for those clients who work behind a corporate proxy server.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

November 2017

  • Minor UI improvement to ensure selection of Designer or Subscriber View screen does not flash up to user on hitting landing page.
  • The full username is now visible in the new subscriber view in the top right corner of the UI.
  • We now follow the most common font prioritization for our web application to ensure the look and feel is as consistent as possible.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

October 2017

  • The multiple file manipulation step type was increased from 9 to 12 sub steps.
  • Added a feature that allows exporting managed tables with smart quoting.
  • Improved use of special characters in SQL query steps, when using linked step properties.
  • Added the flowchart capability back.
  • Added a  new step type called ‘Run Another Process’.  Clients can now run another process from  within a process with this new step type.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

September 2017

  • Added ‘loading’ message when opening Yellowfin reports in Subscriber View.
  • Subscriber View will now only display the output section when the process has completed. This previously caused some confusion as users tried to access the output section while the process was still running.
  • Upgraded spreadsheet manipulation libraries to fix minor bugs with Excel manipulation steps. This occurred when an auto update of the Excel product caused a slight change to the file format.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

August 2017

  • The ‘old’ Subscriber View UI is now completely replaced with a new Subscriber View which uses a modern UI.
  • We now have a public facing API you can use to control the Solvexia application. This means you can do things like start your processes without a browser by writing a Python script. This will allow Solvexia to solve more automation problems for you. Talk to us if you want more would like more information about hot to use the API.
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

June 2017

  • New logo for Subscriber View!
  • Regular system, performance and security enhancements.

April 2017

  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

March 2017

  • Enhanced auto-clean policy. New option to retain only X versions of historical files within processes and runs.
  • Enhanced the Run Excel Calculation Model step to have an option to copy values (instead of formulas)
  • Migrated to SSD drives for step processing engines for increased performance.
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

January 2017

  • Updated various apps for new logo
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

December 2016

  • Upgraded Excel Manipulation components to new version
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

August 2016

  • Ability to ignore header rows when importing from text to managed table
  • Ability to dynamically update the credentials for an SFTP account from data
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

June 2016

  • Ability to self-service a password reset
  • Better integration from within a SolveXia process to native SQL server tables (in addition to Managed Tables)
  • In the multiple file instructions step, you can now add a maximum of 9 instructions instead of 6

February 2016

  • Improvements to the SQL editor
  • Custom “From” address for emails
  • Increased maximum file size for “Run Generic Executable” step
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

November 2015

  • Enhanced warning message when SolveXia is down for planned maintenance
  • Upgraded Excel manipulation components to a new version (5% performance improvement)
  • Ability to copy linked managed tables when copying a process
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

October 2015

  • Allow for wildcards to be used when collecting files from SFTP
  • Enhanced historical run statistics for action steps
  • Various bug fixes and behind-the-scene improvements

August 2015

  • Set user permissions in bulk (this allows you to select a user and then tick the different processes, tables and reports that you would like them to be able to access)
  • Dynamically update your drop-down lists using data from your process

July 2015

  • To make the reporting even easier, you can now convert your ZIP of Excel files into PDF documents via a single step
  • Enhanced mail merge (you can now send specific files to each of your unique email recipients in single step)

May 2015

  • Connector for Salesforce
  • IATA have announced that they will be rolling out a new format of HOT files (DISH 22) over the next few months. We have upgraded our HOT file step-type so that it will automatically detect and read both new and old formats.

November 2014

  • Create table snapshot – File instruction in Managed table category
  • This feature allows to backup managed tables. It also allows designers to configure the managed table backups by adding steps in the process.
  • Select data from managed table to text / CSV file
  • This instruction allows to export selectively data from managed table using SELECT statement to text and/or CSV files using different separators.
  • New action step to rename process-run
  • This is a new action step type. This step allows process designer to rename process-run dynamically by retrieving values either from cell in excel file or from data step property. This step is designed to run only in process-run. This feature will allow to better organize the runs in the folder.
  • Improvement in the query editor
  • Query editor was improved with bug fixes.

30th September 2014

  • Enhancement to Excel Instruction Selector
  • An improvement was made by categorizing the excel instructions into a group.
  • Color code the SQL keywords and system reserved words
  • An improvement was made in the SQL query editor to color code the SQL keywords, table & column names and SVX system reserved words.
  • Yellowfin upgrade
  • Yellowfin was upgraded from 7.0 to 7.1. It has many features improvements.

12th September 2014

  • Ability to preview data in Managed Tables and Virtual Tables
  • This feature allows process designers to preview the data in Managed Tables and Virtual Tables in the system without needing to export data to Excel or Access. This will help to boost productivity when working and designing the processes, and Virtual Tables.
  • Yellowfin upgraded to 7.0
  • SolveXia integrates a leading end user BI tool called Yellowfin. This feature upgrade brings new look and to the Yellowfin report builder. It also improves the speed of refreshing the analytical reports and dashboards.
  • Enhancements to all file instructions
  • An icon is displayed on the file instructions that support linking multiple files for manipulation. This enables single steps to manipulate multiple like files simultaneously.
  • New step dependency
  • “Process step if [step name] skipped” is added to the list of dependencies – This allows process designer to configure the process to run steps when linked step is skipped. It is an exception to the nature of skip dependency. This dependency will prove to be powerful enough to resolve complex process flow problems.

Other recent new features include:

  • Update Word documents
  • Ability to update tables and other information in Word documents.
  • Mapping Step
  • This function allows mapping data with key values in Excel and allow advanced analytical operations without needing the VLOOKUP formula.
  • Aggregate Step
  • Perform advanced level of conditional calculations such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNTIFS and GROUP BY and prepare output without need of skills like IFS formulas.

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