SolveXia for Retail and FMCG

Combine data from SAP, Oracle, Spreadsheets and more and produce accurate and consistent reports, reconciliations and rebate and payment calculations 10x faster.

Automated Reporting, Reconciliations and Rebate Calculations for Retail and FMCG Companies

SolveXia delivers game-changing automation for Finance departments in the Retail and FMCG sectors. Effortlessly create meaningful insights, reports and analysis. Ensure that reporting is completed on time, is accurate and requires less effort. Ingest all of your data, in any format, and produce powerful reports and analytics for your business, customers and partners.
Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs
Processes run 10x faster on SolveXia. This means reports are finished sooner and require less human effort to complete.
Improve the Quality of Your Data
Simultaneously increase the accuracy of the data you report to the business while eliminating dependency on key staff.
Made for Rebate Calculations
SolveXia is the perfect solution for rebate and commission calculations. Leverage our cross-industry experience in this domain.

How SolveXia Delivers Value to the Retail and FMCG Industries

Rebate Calculations

Manage complex vendor and customer rebates and commission reporting at scale. Perform calculations faster and with greater accuracy.


Match data from any file or system in seconds. Support for simple and complex data matching rules.

Regulatory Reporting

Meet deadlines for regulatory reporting and avoid costly data errors. Examples include APRA, ASX, ATO & HMRC.

Business Performance Reporting

Easily combine data from systems and files and produce your business performance reporting in any format (Excel, Word, PDF, online dashboard, etc.).

Improve Your Finance Processes

SolveXia is the ideal tool for automating finance processes across the retail and FMCG industries. Let our platform handle mundane and repetitive tasks so that you and your team can focus on analysis and driving the business forward.

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Business-Led Financial Automation

Fast and Easy for Business Users

SolveXia provides automation that is fast to deploy and easy to learn. This includes no-code, drag-and-drop, building blocks to collect and transform any data into interactive reports and analytics.

Extensible and Bespoke Automation

Instead of buying multiple systems, you can leverage SolveXia to automate hundreds of processes for your company, including reconciliations, revenue and expense reporting, regulatory compliance, rebate management and much more.

Seamless Integration With Your Business

SolveXia can harness the power of your existing applications and data and integrate directly with your resources such as your ERP and Data Warehouse. The software also works seamlessly with your existing spreadsheets allowing you to automate with minimal re-engineering.

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