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SolveXia is the only automation tool made for Finance and Accounting teams.

  • We automate your data manipulation tasks such as preparing reports and completing reconciliations.
  • Using SolveXia, your processes will run up to 100x faster,  be more accurate and consistent, and have less dependency on key staff to get work done.

To learn more about how SolveXia helps Finance teams, watch our short explainer video below:

Our Technology...

  • Automates file manipulation such as editing Excel, Word and Access Documents. Automate with minimal re-engineering to your existing processes.
  • Produces reports in any format including files and online dashboards. Create reports without having to rely on external IT.
  • Has a database that can store and process large amounts of data (e.g. millions of rows). Automate your most complex data processing tasks.
  • Brings together automation and workflow for seamless bot-to-human interaction. Processes can request and collect approval and information from humans.
  • Is drag-and-drop. No coding. Processes are easy-to-understand and can be interpreted and maintained by Finance staff (not just IT).
  • Automatically documents your processes and provides robust audit trails. Always ready to respond to an auditor or regulator.
  • Allows you to share your processes and data across your whole team. Collaborate more and ensure key processes are less dependent on staff.

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What Do We Do?

1. We eliminate disconnected data, manual processes and spreadsheets.

SolveXia ingests data in any format and automatically produces the exact reporting, analysis and insights that you need. Using SolveXia, you will:

  • Replace or eliminate spreadsheets, Access databases and macros
  • Capture and automatically document your business processes
  • Run your processes 10-100x faster on the secure SolveXia cloud platform

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2. We provide rapid insights and analytics meaning more time for communication.

SolveXia can prepares all of your reports, insights and analytics with the click of a button. This includes:

  • File based reporting (Excel, Word, PDF etc.)
  • Online dashboards and visualisations
  • Alerts and communication via email and sms

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3. We help your team be more agile and responsive

SolveXia's intuitive process designer offers a no/low code approach for capturing and automating your processes:

  • Capture and automate your processes, from simple, sequential tasks to complex if-then-else logic and parallelisation
  • Use our comprehensive data automation library to automate practically any type of data or reporting process

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4. We ensure that all of your processes have strong governance

When you automate your processes in SolveXia, you ensure that your processes are transparent and audit ready:

  • Live and up-to-date documentation for all your processes.
  • Audit trails and full history of process runs.
  • Mitigate key person dependency risk

If you want to learn more about what we do, check out this video.

Our Customers:

SolveXia is used and loved by companies across Australia, the UK, USA and South Africa. Our clients include banks, insurers, wealth managers, retail, pharmaceuticals and more. Our customers share our vision for doing things better, faster and with greater accuracy. Finance teams often use our technology to free their staff from tedious reporting, reconciliations and other data manipulation tasks. Our software helps our customers:

  • Get their work done much faster - up to 100x.
  • Have 98%+ fewer errors in their data.
  • Eliminate dependency on key staff.
  • Run over 100,000+ unique processing "steps" every month.
"Using SolveXia, we are now able to process our weekly reinsurance and commission calculations within hours, rather than days.  In addition, we have mitigated a key-person risk by automating and documenting the entire process."

– David Denison. CFO at NEOS Life

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