Digital Work Platform for Finance Teams


Automate with simple, yet powerful, drag-and-drop components:

  • Create all of your reports without relying on external IT
  • Adapt to change and be more agile than your competitors
  • Easily automate processes that are unique to your company
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Replace your disconnected data silos with powerful, end-to-end automation:

  • Enterprise-grade process orchestration
  • Robust access controls and governance
  • Flexible workflow and alerting
  • Powerful audit trails
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Create all of of your reports in minutes, allowing you to spend more time on analysis:

  • Create reports in any format including files and online dashboards
  • Reports can be run on-demand (attended) and as data changes (unattended)
  • Build human reviews and workflow directly into your automated process
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Find ways to make your processes run even faster or produce more insights:

  • Live analytics to help you understand your processes as you automate
  • Visualise your ROI achieved through automation
  • Unlock new opportunities and automate more
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our technology

Made for Data Manipulation, Reporting and Analytics

Data Processing

100+ automations to manipulate files and data in any format.


Connect to all of your data through APIs, SFTP and RPA extensions.


Automated data quality checks and exception reporting.

Data Warehouse

Easily store and process massive amounts of data.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded BI to create stunning visualisations from your data.

Extended for AI

Connectors to AI services and support for Python and R models.

digital work platform

Built for Complex Workflows and Audit-Readiness


Run end-to-end simple and complex process workflows.

Bot-Human Interaction

Processes can pause, request and collect approvals and data from humans.


Share processes and data with your team and reduce key-person risk.


Generate natural language process documentation on-demand.

Audit Trails

Robust audit trails capturing a full history of your process and data.

Access Controls

Enterprise-grade access management for all of your processes and data.

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