Rebate Management System

Manage complex vendor and customer rebates and commission reporting at scale.

Scale and Improve Your Rebate Calculations

SolveXia provides a rebate management system that helps you maintain and automate the calculation, reconciliation and reporting of rebates for vendors and customers. Our software can help you get on top of your most complex, non-standard rebate programs giving you better accuracy and improved business performance.

Calculate Your Rebates Faster and More Effectively
Run your process in seconds instead of days.
Improve Vendor and Customer Engagement
Rapid insights and performance analytics.
Simplify Rebate Administration and Management
Standardize rules and improve controls.

Automate Your Rebates

SolveXia is the perfect tool for rebates. Our business-user friendly data management platform can easily combine data from your ERP and other systems along with bespoke rebate rules to rapidly calculate, reconcile and report on your rebates and commissions.

Meet Amy

She is responsible for calculating and reporting rebates for the company's 200+ strategic customers.

Unlimited Scale and Flexibility

Instead of relying on spreadsheets, Amy and her team can run their rebate calculations in seconds and effortlessly incorporate new customers into the process.

Centralised Rules Management

Amy's team can eliminate spreadsheets and maintain all of their bespoke rebate rules in a single source of truth.
with solvexia

Business Outcomes

  • Increased performance with rebates calculated in seconds instead of hours or days.
  • Ability to effortlessly calculate and report on rebates for new customers, ensuring maximum scale.
  • Amy and her team can focus their time on engaging with sales and customer teams and improving the business.

Meet Amy

She is responsible for calculating and reporting rebates for the company's 200+ strategic customers.

Unable to Scale With the Business

Amy relies on spreadsheets and manual work to calculate rebates. Business growth leads to longer hours, mistakes and increased stress for her team.

Reliant on Complex Process

Bespoke and fragmented rebate rules are maintained across hundreds of spreadsheets that are only understood by her team members.
without solvexia

Stressful and Inefficient Processes

  • No standardization.
  • Inability to scale.
  • Reliance on key staff.

Improve Your Rebate Calculation Process

SolveXia manages your complex rebates rules and combines all of your data to calculate vendor and customer rebates, freeing you up to focus on improving your business.

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Bespoke Automated Rebate Management

Improve Your Rebate Process

SolveXia provides a rebate management system that is fast and easy to deploy. This includes a rich library of read-to-go building blocks to manage rules, integrate with your data and calculate rebates.

Enhance Accuracy and Controls

SolveXia removes the risk of manual, spreadsheet-based rebate management by centralizing your process and ensuring segregation of roles and data access. The solution also provides robust audit trails and version control.

Ensure Visibility and Process Resilience

Enforce standardization across your rebate processes and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting. Allow your rebate management to scale with your business while reducing dependency on key staff.

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In addition to transforming rebate management processes, we drive efficiencies and optimization for other critical finance processes. SolveXia delivers unlimited extensibility by integrating any type of data (internal and external, financial and non-financial) to minimize the total cost of ownership. There are over 250 unique finance applications running on the SolveXia platform today.

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