5 Ways Finance Can Reduce the Impact of Covid-19

About this Webinar

In this webinar, we share 5 ways how Finance departments can cope with and thrive in spite of the disruption brought about by COVID-19.

CFOs and Finance teams are facing unprecedented, wide-spread changes to the way they live and work. Remote working, isolation, hiring freezes and headcount reduction will impact many companies. That said, Finance will still be expected to meet reporting deadlines, ensure compliance and provide critical information and analysis to the business throughout these trying times.

We will also be focusing on the innovative ways that Finance can adjust itself in the preparation of data, reporting and analysis. Perfect for anyone in Finance. Join us to learn:

  • Simple techniques to streamline your existing data and reporting processes.
  • How to maintain the accuracy of your data with fewer human reviews and oversight.
  • How to better support collaborative work across your Finance team.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid.

SolveXia runs your processes up to 100x faster with less dependency on staff. Our innovative platform combines and manipulates data, performs calculations and creates reports and analytics.

SolveXia is used by companies across Australia, the UK, USA and South Africa. Our clients include banks, insurers, wealth managers, retail, pharmaceuticals and more. Finance teams often use our technology to free their staff from tedious reporting, reconciliations and other data manipulation tasks.

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