Things To Know

In SolveXia's Things To Know series, we answer and discuss some common questions and issues that clients ask about our process automation solutions and cloud services. We provide insight on the importance of process automation in the current business environment, discuss its barriers within an organisation, and explore the benefits of using an external provider like SolveXia for process automation.

1. What makes SolveXia's automation solution different?

2. Why is process automation so important in the current environment?

3. What are the benefits of cloud based solutions?

4. How does SolveXia help clients automate their processes?

5. What are the benefits of using an external provider for process automation?

6. What happens to the data generated by the automated process?

7. How secure is the cloud & why are payment models for cloud services different?

8. What kind of companies use SolveXia and for what processes?

9. Why haven't I heard the term "Process Automation" before?

10. What are the barriers for process automation within an organisation? ?

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