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How does a small but ambitious online business combine their ecommerce, financial and logistics systems to automatically inform their customers about the progress of their shipment and when to expect delivery?

Icon By Design is a fast-growing online retailer selling designer furniture online. They realised that the only way to free up valuable time and resources so that they could focus on serving customers and provide a great post-sale customer experience was to adopt highly automated business processes.

Adam Light, co-founder and MD (with a background in IT), commented "I investigated several options based on past experience and, after discounting the inadequacies of software that took the traditional approach, realised that SolveXia was the only way to resolve a series of seemingly intractable problems within a short time frame and with a high degree of certainty that we would have the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes in circumstance."

"Icon By Design has a unique business model. We offer two prices:

  • Customers can ‘Buy Now’ at a discount of 50% off the normal designer price and we despatch the item the next day, or
  • Customers can choose to ‘Pre-Order’ and receive an additional 20% discount."

"The first business problem that we resolved with Solvexia related to automation of our dialogue with customers who pre-order items. The lead time for these purchases can vary from two weeks to three months, depending on the purchase cycle. It is imperative that we maintain a meaningful dialogue with our customers over this period, keeping them informed of the status of their order. This is a complicated process that requires an automated workflow between our ecommerce, financial and logistics systems."

"Solvexia came to the rescue with its extraordinarily flexible way of sourcing data, manipulating data to configure an automated process, and integrating our email into the workflow."

"Subsequently, we used the SolveXia platform to combine, map, reconcile and visualise data from all of our systems. The general rule is, if you can describe the desired end result, SolveXia can automate the process. You can build as many processes as you like for the same price and you can't break the system. Data storage is via a highly secure cloud (used by major banks) and everything you do is automatically documented. This has been a major time saver and enabled a small, lean team to achieve outcomes that would normally require additional staff."

Icon By Design has used SolveXia to construct a number of automated workflows and processes, including:

  • Inventory reconciliation between ecommerce, financial and logistics systems;
  • Receipting of orders to a third party warehousing supplier;
  • Exception reports regarding order lead times; and
  • Record keeping for time dependent processes that have variable field values.



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Icon By Design


Needed to free up valuable time and resources


SolveXia helped manipulate and source data to configure an automated process as well as integrating emails into the workflow

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