Insurance - Collections processing

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Australian-based specialist risk insurance business with a market cap of $113 billion.


Needed to create a list of unpaid premiums for resubmitting payment collections which was a time consuming, repetitive and prone to error task.


Created an automated process that generates the individual reports and emails them to the corresponding cost centre head.

This case study examines how an Australian-based specialist risk insurance company used SolveXia's automated process to solve its collections processing issue.

Client: Australian-based specialist risk insurance business with a market cap of more than $100 million.

Problem: Manual processes taking an increasing number of hours each day to prepare lists of unpaid premiums for resubmission for payment.

Solution: Created an automated solution to reduce the time needed to prepare multiple new submissions.

Key metrics:

  • Time reduced from 2 hours to ~10 minutes
  • Over a 100 manual steps automated
  • 2 staff members previously performed manual process so saved 4 hours a day
  • No manual errors, all unpaid polices are processed
  • Clear visibility over status of all payments

Download the case study

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