Our Story

In early 2008, Mark Schneider and Jonathan Glass decided to form a start-up – one that could help European life insurers deal with what were, at the time, fast-approaching regulatory burdens (Basel).

Mark had founded Classic Solutions in the early 90’s, the company behind MoSes which remains one of the most widely used actuarial modelling tools used today. Jonathan had been a managing director for JP Morgan, responsible for the Futures & Options business across Asia.

Together, the pair set out to build a company that they hoped would revolutionise enterprise software. They called the company, SolveXia.

But then, like all good stories, a fork in the road emerged. Whilst talking to banks and insurers, it become evident is that these companies were suffering. They were drowning in spreadsheets and processes that were being performed each month by actuaries and expensive finance staff. They were struggling to meet deadlines, had legitimate concerns over the quality of their data and lacked any real transparency or audit trails for the information they generated.

Mark and Jonathan realised that what people really needed was a tool to automate their repetitive, data intensive processes to help them work faster and more accurately. It was from this discovery that SolveXia, as an enterprise productivity platform, was born.

Since those early days, the company has gone from strength to strength, first focusing on the Australian market and then expanding to the UK and US and now saves time, money and raises the quality of information produced by some of the world’s largest banks, life insurers, travel companies and more.

The SolveXia Team

  • Les Owen
    Les Owen Chairman

    Les is the former Group Chief Executive of AXA Asia Pacific and former Chief Executive of AXA Sun Life PLC in the UK and is currently a non-executive director of Computershare, Football Federation Australia, Discovery Holdings in South Africa and Coverzones in the UK. Les is a qualified actuary with more than 35 years experience in the financial services industry.

  • Mark Schneider
    Mark Schneider Managing Director

    Mark is an actuary and Computer Science graduate. Mark was the Founder and CEO of Classic Solutions, developers of the MoSes financial modelling system (now Towers Watson) and a previous Managing Principal at Tillinghast-Towers Perrin.

  • Jonathan Glass
    Jonathan Glass Managing Director
    BSc (Hons)

    Jonathan is a Chemistry graduate and was formerly the Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Futures & Options at JPMorgan where he was responsible for the exceptional growth of this business in Asia.

  • Bhavin Panchal
    Bhavin Panchal Senior Developer
    B Engineering (Comp Sci), Masters I.T.

    Bhavin is an Engineering and Masters graduate and was previously a Senior Software Developer with IT Services and Solutions provider Mokom. Bhavin is currently the Senior Developer within the SolveXia team.

  • Paul Cartwright
    Paul Cartwright CTO
    PhD (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

    Paul has nearly 20 years experience in software design and technology mainly related to the financial services industry. Prior to this role, Paul was a Software Architect at NTBS Business Solutions. Paul enjoys finding innovative ways that technology can push businesses forward and make them excel. Paul is also Treasurer of Aerialize, a not-for-profit Aerial arts and physical training organisation.

  • Ruthrun Selvarajan
    Ruthrun Selvarajan Software Quality Assurance Manager
    B Software Engineering, UTS

    Ruthrun looks after software quality assurance in SolveXia. His previous experience stretches from software requirements management, development, testing and release management in defence (ADI/Thales) and electricity utilities (Itron Australasia). Using and implementing innovative ways to improve software processes are his passion. Outside of work Ruthrun is a keen gardener interested in sustainable living and permaculture.

  • Adem Turgut
    Adem Turgut COO and Technical Sales
    B Commerce & Information Systems

    Adem looks after operations and pre-sales at SolveXia. Prior to joining, Adem was with Thomson Reuters focusing on consulting and system implementations around their suite of corporate tax software. An early adopter at heart, Adem takes great satisfaction in meeting people in organisations who have – in a way – been abandoned by technology and helping them to think outside of the box and craft their own solutions to their problems.

  • Nick Corrie
    Nick Corrie UK Sales and Consulting
    Masters of Physics

    Nick has over 20 years of IT experience in both consultancy and in-house roles. Prior to his UK Sales and Consultancy role at SolveXia he was CIO at Provident Capital. Nick has also held various roles at Baring Asset Management, Disney and PwC. He has a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Oxford. Ever since programming a ZX-81 at a young age he has been interested in how technology can enable people to get more done. Outside of work and family time Nick is a keen cyclist and sailor.

  • Noel Trillo
    Noel Trillo Business Analyst
    Masters of Engineering Science

    Noel is a Business Analyst at SolveXia. Noel comes from civil and structural engineering background but has always been passionate about data and technology. Several years ago he has found a new use for his analytical and architecting skills in engineering robust and user friendly process automation and data analysis solutions for SolveXia’s clients.

  • Jiani Sun
    Jiani Sun Assistant Accountant
    Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting
    Master of Commerce in Finance

    Jiani is an Assistant Accountant at SolveXia. Her background is in accounting and finance. Jiani has a keen interest in accounting and is on her way to become a qualified CPA.

  • Shirley Liu
    Shirley Liu Marketing Manager
    B Commerce/Media (PR & Advertising)

    With an educational background in marketing, advertising and PR, Shirley looks after SolveXia’s marketing channels. She also produces visual content for the company, driven by her interest in graphic design.

  • Alexandra Mourzina
    Alexandra Mourzina Technical Project Lead
    Bachelor in Information Security (Complex Support of Information Security for Automated Systems)
    Graduated – National Research Nuclear University (MePhi)

    Alex is involved in development, process management, risk-management, UI/UX development, quality management, software architecture and front-end programming of company products. Her interests include music, composing, neurology and programming.

  • Jason Gu
    Jason Gu Business Analyst

    Jason has a background in actuarial science and finance, and is passionate about data-driven decision making in businesses. Outside of work he likes to keep up with the latest in tech and setting new personal bests at the gym.

  • Kevin Lian
    Kevin Lian Business Analyst
    Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial Studies)/Science (Advanced Mathematics)

    Kevin is a Business Analyst at SolveXia who’s role is to build user friendly automation processes.  His interests include researching Machine Learning processes to reduce human costs in developing actuarial models under Bayesian context.

  • Henderson Koh
    Henderson Koh Business Analyst

    Henderson is a Business Analyst with a background in actuarial science and statistics. He enjoys solving all sorts of puzzles, playing board games, as well as watching movies in his spare time. He is currently interested in furthering his knowledge and ability in computer science.

  • Lara Schneider
    Lara Schneider Marketing and Communications Assistant

    Lara is a commerce and marketing student and is the Marketing and Communications Assistant at SolveXia. She helps with client communications, the promotion of SolveXia to prospective clients and with making the company operate more efficiently. Outside of work, Lara enjoys social media, fashion, interior design and travel.

  • Ivan Sadovoy
    Ivan Sadovoy Dev-Ops & Support
    Bachelor of Science (Astrophysics)

    Ivan is a recent graduate from Macquarie University. He assisted in research at CSIRO on dwarf galaxies using radio astronomy. In his spare time Ivan enjoys various forms of music, complex puzzles and games. He also has interests in astronomy, psychology and technology.

  • Ayvi Islam
    Ayvi Islam
    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

    Ayvi graduated from McGill University as a Mechanical Engineer. After experimenting in consumer product development and industrial manufacturing, she realised that her true passion lies in emerging technology. She is working as one of SolveXia’s Business Analysts, assisting companies gain continued growth using data-driven automation processes. In her past time, you will find her hiking to hidden gems and capturing unique photographs.



Founded in 2008, in Sydney Australia, SolveXia is passionate about helping organisations work faster and smarter than ever before.

We provide unique technology and services to industries such as banking, life insurance, travel across Australia, Europe and the United States with a focus on automating data-driven processes. To learn more about the SolveXia platform: click here.