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Jonathan and Mark c2006

In early 2008, Mark Schneider and Jonathan Glass decided to form a start-up – one that could help European life insurers deal with what were, at the time, fast-approaching regulatory burdens (Basel).

Mark had founded Classic Solutions in the early 90’s, the company behind MoSes which remains one of the most widely used actuarial modelling tools used today. Jonathan had been a managing director for JP Morgan, responsible for the Futures & Options business across Asia.

Together, the pair set out to build a company that they hoped would revolutionise enterprise software. They called the company, SolveXia.

But then, like all good stories, a fork in the road emerged. Whilst talking to banks and insurers, it become evident is that these companies were suffering. They were drowning in spreadsheets and processes that were being performed each month by actuaries and expensive finance staff. They were struggling to meet deadlines, had legitimate concerns over the quality of their data and lacked any real transparency or audit trails for the information they generated.

Mark and Jonathan realised that what people really needed was a tool to automate their repetitive, data intensive processes to help them work faster and more accurately. It was from this discovery that SolveXia, as an enterprise productivity platform, was born.

Since those early days, the company has gone from strength to strength, first focusing on the Australian market and then expanding to the UK and US and now saves time, money and raises the quality of information produced by some of the world’s largest banks, life insurers, travel companies and more.


Founded in 2008, in Sydney Australia, SolveXia is passionate about helping organisations work faster and smarter than ever before.

We provide unique technology and services to industries such as banking, life insurance, travel across Australia, Europe and the United States with a focus on automating data-driven processes. To learn more about the SolveXia platform: click here.

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