Travel – Member Agency Sales Reporting

This case study depicts how a global travel group used SolveXia’s automated solutions to solve its member agency sales reporting problem.

Client: Global travel group with 800+ member agencies across North America and Australia.

Problem: Need to produce monthly sales reports for members using data collected from over 150 suppliers (airlines, cruises etc.)

Solution: Automated process for collecting and validating supplier data, matching data to each member, and then distributing sales reports

Key metrics:

  • Automation deployed in 3 months
  • Covers business across USA, Canada and Australia
  • Process is run monthly, distributing reports to ~800 members
  • Significant time savings with automated matching plus ability to re-run loading process
  • Subsequent phases to capture additional data
  • Sales data captured is now used for other processes, e.g. calculation of commissions
  • In-house staff have built new reports and processes for analysis of data (self-sufficiency)

 Download the case study

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