Life Insurance – Analysis of Change

This case study examines an Australian financial services provider which used SolveXia’s automated solution to fix its analysis of change problem.

Client: Australian financial services provider with over A$10 billion in revenues and 14,000 staff.

Problem: Movements in liabilities that are difficult and time-consuming to predict, understand and explain to management.

Solution: Automated solution to iterate through changes to model point data, run valuation model and analyse impact of each change on calculated liabilities.

Key metrics:

  • Automation deployed in under 3 months
  • 80+ steps in the automated process
  • Transformation of model point data for Reinsurance, Commissions, Policyholder attributes, Sum Assured, Benefit Attributes and more
  • Process completes in under 20 minutes
  • Generation of Excel reports and an online dashboard

Download the case study

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