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When an unexpected benefit of buying a business solution becomes central to the value it presents to its customers, that’s a good thing. Corporate Travel Connections’ value proposition to its clients is simple and powerful: with its new business intelligence (BI) powers, it can save them money, big money, on their travel procurement. Most importantly, CT Connections can now map out a future in which its customers will repeatedly save more money, and how they will do it.


Co-founder Nick Sutherland says of the definitive competitive edge SolveXia has given his Melbourne-based corporate travel company, CT Connections, “Given how critical the new processes we needed were, the timing was right … SolveXia turned our brief around with the utmost professionalism and exactly to scope.”

“SolveXia’s reporting capabilities have simplified our business, massively. We are absolutely rapt with what we’ve now got to offer.”

When a customer can save up to $50,000 by shifting just 20 per cent of its travel buying in one fare class to another, it’s easy to see how quickly the savings can grow. The trick is making sense of a large and complex data set so that you know which 20 per cent to shift – and doing this quickly enough so that you can respond to market and business changes overnight.

This is where SolveXia comes in: bringing simplicity to the ways in which both CT Connections consultants and clients can understand and act on complex data sets.

It is introducing unforeseen time savings in understanding and presenting that data.

Most importantly, SolveXia is revealing itself as a solution that brings productive change to the ways in which business can be conducted.

Introducing SolveXia

SolveXia is a visionary tool in an emerging class set to transform whole industries. It is a hosted, enterprise-grade platform for automating mid and back office processes. It is targeted at organisations that need rapid adaptation of routine, time-consuming, data-intensive processes at a disruptively low price.

And it enables reporting on complex data sets in dramatically simplified and compelling ways.

As software-as-a-service, SolveXia sits in the cloud, is accessible via any modern browser and is provided at a low monthly cost, paid for by “the seat”, or individual user, as an operational rather than capital expense.

Users can pay for as much or as little as they use, in line with the fortunes of their business.

Offering 24-7 uptime and eliminates the need for custom development at the client end, where available resources may be tied up on other undertakings.

Read the full SolveXia Case Study on CT Connections…

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