Private Equity – Expense Analysis

This case study focuses on a US based private equity firm that used SolveXia’s automated solution to solve its expense analysis problem.

Client: US based private equity firm managing $10b+ in funds.

Problem: CFO did not trust the analysis of their expenses with each vendor. Analysis was being produced by an antiquated Access database and manual data manipulation.

Solution: Transparent, automated solution, consistent with the knowledge of subject matter experts. 80% reduction in manual effort.

Key metrics:

  • Prototype created within 1 week.
  • Full automation delivered 1 month.
  • Automation of around 40 business rules and logic steps.
  • Handles data for 450+ vendors and over 20 expense categories.
  • Over 270,000 different combinations of expenses able to be analysed.
  • 80% reduction in manual rework (due to automated deal identification).
  • Manual effort reduced from 1 day down to a couple of hours.

Download the case study

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