SolveXia Now Integrates with R and Python

Why SolveXia

We are excited to announce that our clients are now able to use Python and the statistical language R within a SolveXia process.  This adds to a growing list of supported third-party tools and languages including MoSes, Yellowfin BI, Microsoft Excel and Access and SQL Server tables.

At SolveXia, we recognise that subject matter experts (SMEs) have their own preferred toolsets for accomplishing their own analytical tasks.  Our automation platform allows these SMEs to keep using their existing toolsets whilst providing a layer of automation and control via a cloud hosted service.

Python and R are widely used by quants, data scientists and actuaries because of the excellent third-party libraries and in-built support for analysis of data.

This new SolveXia feature gives clients the option to take the intellectual property they have developed using R or Python scripts and easily upgrade them into enterprise grade, automated processes with full audit history of the data files used as inputs and outputs.  The SolveXia platform is highly productive for building production lines of data where the designer can keep the focus on the analytical aspects of the process and not have to spend time manually manipulating data or feeding it into reports. Activities which may be thought of as ‘cranking the handle’ such as data collection, data quality checks, transformation, aggregation and copying results into reports can be automated using easily configurable sets of instructions.

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