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Analyse, forecast and predict. Turn all of your data into insights, unlocking new opportunities for increasing revenue and reducing costs.
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Automated Data Modelling and Analytics

SolveXia captures and stores all of your data and allows you to create, deploy and share your models. Build advanced analytics and create stunning data visualisations and stories to help unlock insights for your company.

Unified platform for your data and models

Combine, transform, cleanse and store all of your data and build and deploy your analytics.

Analytics for everyone

Use our existing library of data robots, create and run models in Excel, SQL, R and Python.

End-to-end analytics

SolveXia is the only solution that can capture and store your data, run your models and generate and share your analytics.

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How SolveXia delivers value for Analytics

Revenue Forecasting

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Anomaly Detection

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Valuations and Income Modelling

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Interactive Dashboards

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Have a different process you want to automate?

No sweat. The list of use cases above are just a small sample of the processes automated on SolveXia. Click on “learn more” to reach out and talk to us about your specific use case.

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Our Work

Private Equity - Expense Analysis

This case study focuses on a US based private equity firm that used SolveXia's automated solution to solve its expense analysis problem.

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Life Insurance - Analysis of Change

This case study examines an Australian financial services provider which used SolveXia's automated solution to fix its analysis of change problem.

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